Your May 22nd Council votes do count, and may be worth more than you think!

The below table shows the results from the 2010 Council elections. You can see that on a candidate basis, not one individual has a clear mandate to represent Roehampton, with 14% being the highest percentage of the vote captured for one person!

You can see that the top three were elected though between the top five it was very close. The top three being the Councillors elected.

Please do vote and please do have a think about who has been supporting Roehampton and whether any of the candidates (or parties) have done enough to protect your interests.


Notice of results for Roehampton and Putney Heath
Name of Candidate  Description  No. of Votes  Difference Percentage of the overall vote
Adrian Carey KNOWLES The Conservative Party Candidate 2,297 14%
Jennifer Sarah NICKELS The Conservative Party Candidate 2,192 105 14%
Peter Jon CARPENTER The Labour Party Candidate 2,136 56 13%
Sean LAWLESS The Labour Party Candidate 2,093 43 13%
Andrew Richard Linzee PENFOLD The Conservative Party Candidate 2,082 11 13%
Donald James ROY The Labour Party Candidate 1,913 169 12%
Elizabeth DALY Liberal Democrats 1,053 860 7%
Hugh Palmer BROWN Liberal Democrats 899 154 6%
Valerie SHELMERDINE Liberal Democrats 853 46 5%
Graham Peter HUMPHREYS Green Party 418 435 3%
Total 15,936

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