Roehampton Forum and the Alton Masterplan

The Roehampton Forum

From discussions we’ve had over the past few weeks there seems to be a lack of knowledge about the various community groups within the Roehampton area. One such community group is the Roehampton Form, which is one of the groups mentioned on page 5 of the Alton Area Masterplan’s Interim Consultation Report (dated February 2014). The link to the report is below;

We attended the Thursday 15 May evening session.

This forum is a terrific opportunity for local people to learn more about the community and how they can participate. It was especially good that this was held in the evening as this allowed those that work during the day to be able to attend. Fingers crossed that in the future, more such meetings could be held in the evening.

Additionally, it was good to see Council representation as Peter Carpenter (Labour) was there as well as the Labour Councillor candidate, Sue McKinney.

Feedback on the Alton Masterplan

The feedback from the Roehampton Forum regarding the Masterplan is highlighted at the below link;!120&authkey=!AIh3kIQCa85AoXY&ithint=file%2c.pdf

One aspect of the feedback, as well as other feedback that is being produced, is that the barrier focus is on Danebury Avenue. There is another barrier, the one at Highcliffe Drive, which is included within the Masterplan which seems to have received a low profile.

A few attendees commented that there are residents that do not wish to have the Highcliffe Drive barrier opened. There was a counter view that there was an opportunity to highlight this barrier situation though this Masterplan has now moved on. On this topic, time will tell when the petition feedback is completed.

Please do have a look at the materials that Labour and the Conservatives are distributing in the lead up to the Council elections. Both are focusing on the Danebury Avenue barrier without a mention of the Highcliffe Drive barrier.!124&authkey=!ADaqBvzp_nxtzcY&ithint=file%2c.pdf

Does that mean that both parties support the opening of the Highlcliffe Drive barrier?

Overall, if more people were aware of the inconsistencies between the various documents of the Masterplan, there may have been the possibility that the content of this letter to the Councilo regarding the Masterplan could have been different.

Additionally, we mentioned the following;

  • Lack of awareness of the Interim Consultation being placed online, and
  • That this report was very clear in saying ‘no’ to having student housing in the Town Centre.

Other items of interest……….lack of internet access

One of the areas of concern that have been expressed previously in this blog is how the Council has indicated, using ONS figures, that as “Wandsworth is above the UK average of 73% daily use amongst the 16+ and 15% that never use it” that is seems acceptable to rely solely on this distribution channel to deliver some messages.

Please refer to the blog entry “Alton Masterplan Consultation – does anyone else have the feeling that there is something wrong with this process?” mentioned at the following link;!116&authkey=!AAfEvoEdr2hOHWQ&ithint=file%2c.pdf

Interestingly, one other person mentioned that there was a lack of web access for many Roehampton residents.

Future meetings

As mentioned earlier, this is a forum which many people have little or no knowledge of yet have cover a wide range of issues concerning the area.

If of interest, the details of the next Forum meetings are highlighted below;

Location: the Kairos Centre, Mount Angelus Rd, London SW15 4JA

Remaining 2014 meetings:

  • Friday 11 July 10:30 am to 12:30
  • Thursday 25 September 5:30pm to 8pm
  • Friday 7 November 10.30am to 12.30

Can we be contacted?

Please email us at .