One Councillor candidate lives on the Alton Estate and is against the over development of Roehampton – who is it?

This Council candidate was attended the May 8th Hustings was from UKIP. This was covered previously in the entry ‘What happened at the May 8th Councillor candidate evening? – please read this before voting on 22nd May’, this being at the following link;

This candidate, from we can tell is the only one that lives on Alton Estate. This information being from the Council’s ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’, the information provided below.!126&authkey=!ALmha42zc6Tx1-w&ithint=file%2c.pdf

Today, we have received a leaflet from the UKIP which highlights Edwina’s comments on the regeneration.

“I am against over development of Roehampton, which has put pressure on local services and transport………….Developments to date have been aimed at the professional class, with little regard to social housing”.

The full text is at the below link;!127&authkey=!AJ5TqJJFBuT1AcE&ithint=file%2c.pdf

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