Roehampton regeneration and car parking charges?

One topic that keeps popping up is what will happen with regards to car parking spaces under this Alton Area Masterplan. Page 10 of the Preferred Option Consultation highlights that;

“The preferred option involves:

According to the plans, at this stage, there will be another 450 to 500 new homes. Now, we haven’t seen any projected population growth numbers with regards to this, so let’s say 20% (should it be more, 50%?) of the new homes will have cars, that could be 90 to 100 new cars on the estate, if you assume each house will have one car. This does not include any potential car increase through the student housing.

It doesn’t include any potential impacts either through the change of housing mix. By that, if 300 to 350 existing houses are demolished it may be case that the newer, more expensive homes may bring in a higher car usage than the demolished homes.

Feedback to date from various groups and residents has been that more thought needs to be given to this aspect of the regeneration. Examples being;

The Putney Society feedback to the Roehampton Regeneration Team dated 9th April 2014

“The POP (Preferred Option Proposals) appears to ignore the issue of parking provision throughout the scheme’s proposals. This is a serious weakness which undermines the creditability of the proposals”

Roehampton Forum to Wandsworth Town Hall dated 4th April 2014

“Overall the Forum felt that greater consideration should be given to the parking and traffic implications of regeneration”.

Someone with a keen eye showed us an article in The Independent which highlighted an area in Yorkshire which has been going through a housing build and concerns were raised about the introduction of parking charges. The paragraph of relevance is below.

“But in recent months local determination to restore Yorkshire’s ancient northern borders have seen local sentiment grow – fuelled by anger over plans to build up to 2,000 new homes there as well as concerns over the replacement of the town’s historic cobbles and the introduction of new parking charges”.

So, this lack of information about car parking lead us think, what options does the Council have? Perhaps the introduction of charges will deter people from having cars? Also, it would be a source of sustainable income for the Council. A potential win-win for the Council?

What to do if you have any thoughts about the Consultation.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

Please do copy us in at as we’d love to see how this ‘consultation’ progresses and what concerns the residents of the estate. Or email us separately. We are going to share some of the feedback we’ve had soon.


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