It’s time to hear from some of the locals

We’ve been asked on a couple of occasions what it is we are hoping to achieve with this blog. Well, the answer is twofold.

The first, we are trying to obtain better information not just from the Council, but our Councillors and those organisations that have been providing feedback on the regeneration. Unfortunately, we don’t believe that these people have been representing Roehampton residents with respect to the regeneration, or if they do, they have been misinformed. There is a lot wrong with this regeneration, and this blog has already provided some feedback on this with regards to Danebury Avenue, Highcliffe Drive, Student housing in the town centre and the Roehampton Partnership’s lack of transparency and visibility.

The second, that the Council already has a plan in mind for Roehampton and this activity, such as the Team Roehampton website, around the regeneration is nothing but a ‘farce’. This is a land grab. This area is located next to Richmond park and is a developer’s dream, one can see the stunning views from Allbrook House and one can only imagine how much the new homes will cost with such views. The opening of one, or both, of Danebury Avenue and Highcliffe Drive will allow the new wealthier inhabitants better access. The concentration of the medical centre by the new homes is again for the new inhabitants, and the feature of the new access to Richmond Park is also conveniently placed near the new homes. Let’s not neglect the money to be derived from student housing. This land grab needs to be better explained to residents along with how their concerns are to be met (or not), otherwise this regeneration should not go ahead.

Anyway, it’s time for some feedback from locals.

From ‘A’;

“I agree with you, the so-called consultation process is a farce.  Somewhere in the bowels of the Town Hall, the plans are in readiness and we are asked our opinions again and again until either we tire of it or we get it right!

The building work has already started by the bus stop on Roehampton Lane beside one of the chosen sites, opposite the new flats, where the old Hangars Limb Factory used to be.

 The big building above the library has already had so much money spent on it last year with the scaffolding up for months, it would be criminal to pull it down now.  Besides, those flat/maisonettes are designed for families as they have three bedrooms.

It is most unlikely that families would buy the new homes and flats, on a council estate, so property developers would buy them up and let them out at huge rents to students to share and nobody would take care of the external environment.

 What will happen to the families moved out during construction?  Will enough houses/homes be built to re-house them, and still have enough space to have more homes for others to buy?  Those homes will be like rabbit hutches!  What would happen to the large greens with the trees?  These are a famous feature of Roehampton and should not be lost.

 What would be a good idea is making Roehampton a vibrant learning village.  With the expansion of the university, we could have more learning opportunities for the residents in a Community Hall.  We have not got such a facility at this end of the estate”.  

From Philip Parr;

“Monitoring the council’s activities is useful, but is there not some need to set yourselves up as the recognised interface between it and the residents? The site should become the go-to place for us to know what’s going on. It would save everybody a lot of bother if the council automatically sent you any relevant document (or link to such). That way, anything not voluntarily forwarded, we’d know they are trying to keep quiet about”.

“It can only be a matter of time before Alton becomes part of a controlled (ie. charged for) parking scheme”.

From Joe Cairns;

“I think this “regeneration” is just another Wandsworth Council land grab on the Alton estate and must be stopped”. 

What to do if you have any thoughts about the Consultation.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

Please do copy us in at as we’d love to see how this ‘consultation’ progresses and what concerns the residents of the estate. Or email us separately.




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