On 23.06.2014 we asked Councillor Peter Carpenter five questions regarding the proposal in Wandsworth’s Master Plan to remove the vehicle barrier at Highcliffe Drive and widen the road.

We asked:

  • Do you support this proposal?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Who is driving this proposal?
  • Have the residents been properly consulted regarding this proposal?
  • What are the risks of a Judicial Review as a consequence of inadequate consultation?

Is Labour listening?  Read the conversation thread here and make up your own mind …

Labour pledged to keep the Danebury Avenue barrier closed to prevent rat-runs through the Alton.  But where’s the logic in keeping the barrier closed to vehicles in Danebury Avenue and removing the barrier in Highcliffe Drive? We will end up with the same rat-runs … they will just cost more.

If you are concerned by Wandsworth’s proposal to remove the barrier at Highcliffe Drive, widen the road and turn it into a two-way bus route like Danebury Avenue, remove car parking, cut down trees, and spend £2m on two new bus stops, email your Councillors and Labour’s Parliamentary candidate.

Labour says it is listening …. let’s see what action it takes!






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