Labour MP candidate wants to hear about the issues that matter to us

This week we were given a Vote Labour card regarding the Labour MP candidate Sheila Boswell wanting “to hear views on the issues that matter to you!”

On the back of the card it states that “Over the last twelve months, I’ve spoken with thousands of people across Putney. They’ve told me about their issues, both local and national – and now I want to hear from you”.

Well, this is your opportunity to let the Labour candidate know about your issues, though this would be a great time to raise any issues you have about the Alton regeneration plan.


We will put our queries to the candidate and will let you know what the response is.

Maybe this time, Labour will acknowledge these concerns.


Our email address – – if you would like to share your thoughts.


3 thoughts on “Labour MP candidate wants to hear about the issues that matter to us

  1. roeregeneration Post author

    Eventually, we gave up trying to obtain a response from the MP Labour candidate. Obviously, Alton estate votes weren’t deemed that important. So, we turned our attention back to the Labour Councillors for the ward. We received answers, though not what we were after. Ultimately, we were informed “Like any other resident you are entitled to your views. I suggest you put them forward in response to the upcoming consultation on the Supplementary Planning Policies which will take the Alton Masterplan forward. That will enable your viewpoint to be reflected in the planning policies which are adopted”. So, in other words, residents have no right to challenge what is happening through the elected Councillors of the area. Ho hum…………..

  2. roeregeneration

    We have sent follow up emails on the following dates – 9th November, 15th November and the 22nd November. Unfortunately, there has been no response as of yet. We will keep you posted.

  3. roeregeneration

    We have now emailed the Labour MP candidate with regards to student housing in Danebury Avenue Town Centre and we will let you know what feedback we receive.


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