Comments regarding the Forum meeting of 7th November


The following sections relate to parts of the agenda and do not cover all topics.

For the Agenda of the meeting – CLICK THIS SENTENCE.

Item 1: Welcome and introductions

It was interesting to note that MP Greening attended for part of this meeting.

Item 3: Minutes of Meeting held on Friday 11th   July


Item 5: Pharmacy Needs Assessment

There was a presentation about the Pharmacy Needs Assessment which is covered in more detail within the presentation. There were questions raised about pharmacy needs in Roehampton given the Alton regeneration. For instance;

  • Will there be a pharmacy in the Alton East?
  • What car parking facilities will be provided?

Other aspects raised were whether;

  • Repeat prescriptions could be provided by post?
  • It may be the case that Portswood Place may have a pharmacy through the regeneration.


Item 6: Older Persons’ Matter

There were two scams that were highlighted that Older People need to be aware of. The first is that con artists are trying to sell fish from a van to older people and the second is that con artists are attempting to obtain card details over the phone by posing as various organisations.

Item 9: Adoption of Code of Conduct

This was a hot topic. There was much discussion about the merits of adopting such a code. Some members viewed this as unnecessary whilst others believed that it would be useful to have guidelines. There was also the suggestion that this could be used to silence those that are more outspoken. End result, not officially taken up though it’s been noted.


Item 10: Roehampton Regeneration (including report from Roehampton Partnership)

Regarding the Partnership it was good that some background was provided regarding this group as well as highlighting who sits on it. It is shame that this did not happen earlier as the content of the July 8th meeting would have been well worth providing an update on this meeting due to a couple of contentious topics concerning the regeneration.

With regards to the proposed Special Meeting of 19th November for a discussion about the Regeneration there were mixed views as to whether to hold this meeting at all, or whether it should be held at a later stage (such as during the planning stage). In the end, Team Roehampton’s suggestion of having this during the planning stage was taken onboard.

One aspect that came up which was quite surprising was that a member of the Forum seemed to be more aware of the K3 status than Team Roehampton. Apparently, TfL have not supported this part of the regeneration (which has been notified to MP Greening then onto the Forum member).

The potential population growth of the regeneration was stated;

  • 5% for the ward,
  • 10% for the Alton (I think, hopefully someone will confirm/amend this figure), and
  • 20% for Alton West.

A final note on this agenda item was that this ward’s Labour Councillor view was that MP Greening had nothing to do with this regeneration whatsoever. Shame that this was mentioned after MP Greening had left the meeting…………………………………..

Item 12: Future meetings

In what was a very welcome move by the Management Committee, in 2015 not all meetings will be held during working hours. This has been a bit of a bugbear for some people. Also, in another welcome move the morning meetings have been moved to the earlier start time of 10am, when previously this was 10:30am. This allows people whom work more flexibility with regards to working half days.

The meetings for next year are as follows;

Date Time Location
Friday 16th January 10:00 am Kairos Centre
Friday 6th March 10:00am Kairos Centre
Tuesday 14th April 7:00pm Roehampton Methodist Church, this a special meeting regarding the consitution
Tuesday 15th May 7:00pm Roehampton Methodist Church
Tuesday 7th July 7:00pm Roehampton Methodist Church
Tuesday 22nd September 7:00pm Roehampton Methodist Church, Annual General Meeting
Friday 6th November 10:00am Kairos Centre


Make your voices heard, email your Councillors and copy us in. Together we can make a difference.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

And the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton –


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