Danebury Avenue – Masterplan suggests opening barriers might still be on the agenda?

Back in August we wrote about how MP Greening assisted with removing Danebury Avenue from the final preferred Roehampton Masterplan. [To refer to this previous article, ‘Update on Danebury Avenue and Highcliffe Drive barriers’ for more details, please click on this sentence].

However, when reading through the Alton Masterplan Report, on page 31 there was a mention of referring to the opening of Danebury Avenue. To find out what is actually happening with the Danebury Avenue barrier, we have emailed Team Roehampton and the email is copied below;

From:  <roeregeneration@yahoo.com>
To: Roehampton <roehampton@wandsworth.gov.uk>
Sent: Thursday, November 20, 2014 9:24 PM
Subject: Danebury Avenue barrier – still under review to be opened?
Dear Team Roehampton,some residents are concerned that Danebury Avenue is again under consideration to be opened to traffic.Within the Alton Area Masterplan on page 31 it mentions the following;

“6. Establishing High Quality Connections

Over time the Alton estate has become more physically isolated. These real and imagined barriers to movement could potentially be removed, creating a more open and integrated neighbourhood. This involves addressing Danebury Avenue as a through route – the main thoroughfare upgraded connections to Priory Lane, more pedestrian and cycle friendly crossings of surrounding roads – especially Roehampton have and better connection into Richmond Park. A seamless green connection between Richmond Park and Roehampton Lane could be established through the Alton area, inviting pedestrians and cyclists on a journey through the heart of the area, benefiting a revitalised Portswood Place in particular”.

Link to document – https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=8D90ED9EB7AF0CB1!367&authkey=!APjKVpR6v87JKX0&ithint=file%2cpdf

It was not long ago that MP Greening had an article on the Putneysw15 website which stated the following regarding keeping Danebury Avenue closed.

“Justine Greening, MP for Putney, Roehampton and Southfields, today welcomed confirmation that the opening of the Danebury Avenue and Highcliffe Drive barriers will not be included in Wandsworth Council’s final preferred Roehampton Regeneration masterplan for the Alton Estate”.

Link to article – http://www.putneysw15.com/default.asp?section=info&page=congreening096.htm

For the purpose of clarity, can it please be confirmed whether there are plans still underway which consider the opening of Danebury Avenue barriers to traffic, whether it all traffic or even in a limited capacity such as restricted to buses?”

We do believe that to constant back and forth over this barrier is confusing and frustrating. Perhaps, the Council should refer its Paper 09-562, dated July 2009, which was decided against opening the barrier during the last time the barrier was the target for removal. Section 37 is quite enlightening.

Section 37: Conclusion. It is clear that by opening the road traffic barrier in Danebury Avenue there would be significant increases in traffic flows along this road. This is as a result of traffic generation associated with the proposed development and reassigned traffic that would take advantage of this route to bypass the congestion on the A306 Roehampton Lane. With these increases, the potential for road traffic accident casualties particularly involving vulnerable users such as pedestrians and cyclists would increase and, as a result, the Council would need to consider mitigation measures. Link to the document – http://ww3.wandsworth.gov.uk/moderngov/mgConvert2PDF.aspx?ID=7985

Let’s also bear in mind that this document was off the back of Stuart King’s (who was running Labour MP at the time) petition which stated; 

“Stuart King’s Danebury Avenue traffic consultation. I oppose the Danebury Avenuetraffic barrier being removed for any vehicles.”

 Is anyone aware of what our three Labour Putney Heath & Roehampton Councillors and current Labour MP candidate are doing to make sure the Danebury Avenue barriers are not removed?


Make your voices heard, email your Councillors and copy us in. Together we can make a difference.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter – pcarpenter@wandsworth.gov.uk

Jeremy Ambache – JAmbache@wandsworth.gov.uk

Sue McKinney – SMcKinney@wandsworth.gov.uk

And the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton – Roehampton@wandsworth.gov.uk

Our email address – roeregeneration@yahoo.com – if you would like to share your thoughts.


One thought on “Danebury Avenue – Masterplan suggests opening barriers might still be on the agenda?

  1. roeregeneration

    Team Roehampton have both clarified and corrected the understanding of this entry with the following;

    “There are no current plans to open the Danebury Avenue barrier to traffic. This is clearly detailed in the final masterplan as well as in the August newsletter.

    The paragraph you quote is taken from the initial placemaking principles as listed on pgs 28 – 31 of the masterplan. As indicated by the title of this section, these were the placemaking objectives used when the masterplanning process began. By including these six principles in the final document we are able to show how they fed into the process, as well as how consultation with stakeholders has influenced the way in which these principles are translated into proposals.

    The final masterplan clearly states on page 142 that ‘The consultation process drew concerns in regard to proposals to change the barrier on Danebury Avenue to a managed and time limited access point. The Council has decided not to pursue this option’ “.


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