Alton’s maisonettes under threat?

The Masterplan makes some comments with regards to buildings on the Alton Estate which poses some serious questions about what possible direction the Council will take with regards to the Alton’s maisonettes.

Let’s consider that at this stage, 171 maisonettes are due for demolition under the regeneration. These maisonettes highlighted by the below table.

Buildings Number
Danebury Avenue 117 – 211 Odd 48
Danebury Avenue 213 – 243 Odd 16
Portswood Place 1 – 14 Cons 7
Harbridge Avenue 1 – 31 Odd 16
Harbridge Avenue 2 – 32 Even 16
Harbridge Avenue 33 – 83 Odd 26
Harbridge Avenue 34 – 84 Odd 26
Harbridge Avenue 85 – 115 Odd 16

Comments used by Team Roehampton to justify the demolition have been;

“A combination of physical factors, including fundamental design flaws in the development layout, along with poorly sited and constructed residential buildings are contributing to the area’s problems and need to be addressed. Design flaws include poor quality entrances to blocks, spaces not overlooked and residential units overlooking refuse and service areas. Furthermore the design standards fall considerably short of today’s expectations and indeed the standards set in the London Housing Design Guide”.
“The external and internal design of Harbridge Avenue’s housing has negative effects on residents and family living standards. Housing units do not meet contemporary standards in terms of services and layout. Issues such as unattractive and deteriorating stairwells, external walkways exposing residents to the elements, worn exteriors, front doors facing away from the street and back gardens fronting on to Danebury Avenue do not only negatively impact the lives of residents living in the area, but also shape the perception of those who visit the area”.


Reading these comments could possibly lead one to view that this content could be applied to any of the Alton’s maisonettes.

Does that mean, any, or all, of the following maisonettes are at risk as part of future regeneration progress?


Buildings Number
Ibsley Gardens 33- 55 Odd 12
Ibsley Gardens 57 – 79 Odd 12
Ibsley Gardens 81 – 103 Odd 12
Ibsley Gardens 105 – 127 Odd 12
Ibsley Gardens 110 – 148 Even 20
Ibsley Gardens 54 – 108 Even 28
Ibsley Gardens 2 – 52 Even 26
Ibsley Gardens 1 – 31 Odd 16
Holyborne Avenue 1 – 31 odd 16
Holyborne Avenue 2 – 24 even 12
Borden Walk 1 – 23 Odd 12
Borden Walk 2 -24 Even 12
Hersham Close 1 – 39 Odd 20
Hersham Close 41 – 71 Odd 16
Hersham Close 73 – 95 Odd 12
Eastleigh Walk 1 – 29 Odd 15
Eastleigh Walk 2 – 20 Even 10
Shawford Court 1 – 10 Cons 10
Shawford Court 11 – 32 Cons 22
Alton Road 28 – 58 Even 16
Fontley Way 1 – 20 cons 20
Sherfield Gardens 1 – 119 Odd 60
Sherfield Gardens 2 – 120 Even 60

Overall, 171 of 622 (27%) maisonettes are to be demolished as Team Roehampton appear to view these buildings as being unfit for modern day living.

The question is, does this mean that all the remaining maisonettes are in line to be demolished as part of future regeneration stages (should they occur)?

We are not the only ones to question this. The Putney Society, in a letter dated 9th April 2014, to the Council stated;

3. Residential redevelopment areaThe “outdated” maisonette blocks in this area (proposed for demolition in the POP), are also found in other parts of Alton West and East. Are these other areas of similar blocks likely to be recommended for demolition by the council, in due course? With proper maintenance (which has so obviously been lacking for too long), these blocks could provide quite sound residential accommodation.


Make your voices heard, email your Councillors and copy us in. Together we can make a difference.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

And the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton –


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