Car parking update

Car parking and car parking charges update

Back in June we published an article titled “Roehampton Regeneration and car parking charges” and within this article we mentioned what happened in Yorkshire regarding a regeneration and the implementation of car parking charges which was to the surprise of local residents.


How much does Wandsworth Council make from car charges?

Well, in the Wandsworth Guardian recently it mentioned that the Council makes the fifth most money in the UK out of car parking charges. It made £19.69m in a 2013/2014 survey.


Will the regeneration increase the Council’s coffers?

Have a read of the comments in the Alton Masterplan with regards to car parking and see what you think. The following extracts highlight what the Council has in mind.

Page Masterplan comments Roeregeneration comments
29 2. Mending the Urban FabricLike any other part of London, the Alton area has evolved with layer upon layer added over time, gradually changing the nature of the place. A new perspective is now required to modernise the housing offer, to reconsider building orientation and layout to increase the capacity of some sites, to repair edges and interfaces, to frame streets and public spaces, to rationalise car parks and service areas and to create a more people friendly place Interesting, what exactly does ‘rationalise car parks’ mean? 
91 New parking will be incorporated into the buildings and a careful parking management regime established for residents. “Careful parking management regime established for residents”, could this be another way of saying, “car parking charges will be introduced for residents that don’t have parking in the new buildings”?
136 Parking is to be provided either on street and or on plot (within the structure of new buildings). On street parking will be managed in a way to ensure that the needs of residents are met. Parking provision for new residential units is within London Plan standards. In addition to the residential parking, some provision will be made for parking associated with visits to the retail offer at the Danebury Centre. This centre will continue to have a role focused primarily on the Alton area, with a high number of visits to the centre made on foot or by bike. There will also be parking for employees and visitors to the Park Centre / Portswood Place. Overall it is not expected that redevelopment will increase parking stress in the parts of the estate beyond the redevelopment focus areas. The last sentence is interesting as it is not expected that “parking stress in the parts of the estate beyond the redevelopment focus areas” will be an issue.Can it really be assumed that car parking on other parts of the estate, such as the Ibsley neighbourhood on the Alton East will not face parking issues off the back of the regeneration?


Will people not try and park their cars in the Ibsley neighbourhood and walk to the new shops?



We are aware that car parking has been a topic that has been raised by many residents and it’s surprising that this has not featured within Team Roehampton’s Frequently Asked Questions.

It may be time to ask about this again, starting with what “careful parking management regime established for residents” means?


Make your voices heard, email your Councillors and copy us in. Together we can make a difference.

Email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

And the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton –

Our email address – – if you would like to share your thoughts.


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