Alton Estate Leaseholders – interesting in working together?

How many properties on the Alton Estate are leasehold?

Did you know that of the roughly 3,330 properties on the Alton Estate, about 40% are leasehold properties. This 40% is split between almost 50/50 between those that live on the estate and do not live on the estate. In other words, there are a lot of leaseholders (about 1,200) connected to the Alton Estate.

Will the service charge be impacted through the regeneration?

One would imagine so, though there is no information regarding this that has been shared with leaseholders. Well, none that roeregeneration is aware of.

This is a question we would like to know, wouldn’t you?

This would apply to those leaseholders both directly affected (that is, those moving into replacement leasehold properties) and indirectly (that is, those that live elsewhere on the estate that pay service charges).

Is there more to regeneration than the Alton West regeneration?

We’d like to think so. Regeneration is not only about the forthcoming regeneration and everything that comes with it, such as demolition of existing housing stock and the supposed benefits this regeneration will bring. This is also about the opportunity to make regenerative steps now. Imagine if leaseholders of the estate joined forces to share experiences and possibly work towards obtaining improved services. Remember, Labour claimed in its November/December edition of the ‘Roehampton News’ the following;

“At Roehampton’s recent Let’s Talk meeting, residents vented their anger about the poor standard of cleaning and grounds management they get on the Alton Estate, despite paying one of the highest service charges in the country”. [CLICK HERE FOR THE ROEHAMPTON NEWS] 

Some leasehold experiences over the past year……

The following refers to experiences regarding three leasehold properties that we are aware of;

Kimpton House

  • Correspondence with the Council regarding vagrants sleeping in the building on the stairwell.
  • Broken down lift.
  • Trying to turn the water off at the mains to fix a stopcock (did you know that the Council will not do this for a leaseholder unless this an emergency. That means in this instance, you, the leaseholder, will need to find a plumber to turn off the water to 48 flats).
  • Leak into an apartment from the balcony above due to works that were done to it.

Hersham Close

  • The estimation of the service charge has doubled, with very little explanation. A Labour Councillor has been contacted to assist.

Ibsley Gardens

  • Double glazing has been completed though this has required a lot of involvement from the leaseholder to try and have this completed. For instance, keys were not provided for windows locks until requested and on two occasions the contractors stated they had completed the tasks, when they hadn’t. Again, a Labour Councillor has been contacted regarding these works.

Leaseholders linking up?

There are some people that are considering bringing leaseholders together to ask questions of the Council regarding the service charge impact through the regeneration. If you’re interested in joining this, let us know and we can pass on your details.

Through such connections leaseholders can share their experiences. For instance, double glazing is due to be rolled out to other areas of the estate, such as Fontley Way, and by talking with a leaseholder that has been through it may prove useful.

Who knows, maybe the Alton Estate can create something like the Bemerton Estate in Islington;

“In 2010, Islington Council announced a proposal to demolish part of the Bemerton Estate. 250 leaseholders on the estate formed the Bemerton Leaseholders Association to challenge the proposal. They campaigned to show that the proposed demolition of 800 homes didn’t make financial sense: to break even the Council would have needed to build an extra 350 homes for sale. By organising early in the process, they were able to stand up for their rights and in 2012 the Council had to scrap the plans and promised improvements to open spaces and buildings on the estate”. [Page 18 of the “Staying Put: An Anti-Gentrification Handbook for Council Estates in London” handbook]. 


Email us at – – and let us know of any concerns you may have and together we can make a difference.

Or email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton –


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