Will developers have too strong a say in the regeneration?

This week in the Evening Standard on the 9th January there was article titled ‘Gentrification and towers are a price we have to pay’ which is about ‘Developers are being asked to fund things like affordable housing which, bluntly, taxpayers will not pay for’.  The full article is available at the following link.

[Click this link to read: ‘Gentrification and towers are a price we have to pay’]

The developers will no doubt have a say in what is to be done with regards to the regeneration, though how much of a say may be the concern, especially if they are going to fund something like affordable housing (figures we haven’t been given with regards to the Alton Estate regeneration).

The other concern is how much leeway shall the Council give the developers given that apparently Wandsworth Council’s budget ‘shortfall stands at £23m for the 2015-16 financial year and £46.6m for 2016-17’ (source: Wandsworth Guardian 8th January 2015 page 3).

It might be very tempting for the Council to tap into expanding the scope of the October Masterplan. If the likes of the Homes & Property, which is a magazine within Wednesday’s edition of the Evening Standard, recognises the advantages of the area, then a developer certainly can.

Have a read of a couple of the Homes & Property comments and let us know what you think.

‘The Alton Estate in Roehampton was an award-winning 1960s estate close to Richmond Park; there are good views from the tower blocks, where one-bedroom flats sell from around £130,000’.Link to article – http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/area-guides/greater-london/spotlight-putney-taste-country-life-capital


‘People priced out of Putney gravitate towards Roehampton, which has desirable ex-council properties – the listed Alton Estate, built in the Fifties and Sixties, overlooks Richmond Park – and smart private housing’.Link to article – http://www.homesandproperty.co.uk/property-news/new-homes/putneys-polling-power



Email us at – roeregeneration@yahoo.com – and let us know of any concerns you may have.

Or email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter – pcarpenter@wandsworth.gov.uk

Jeremy Ambache – JAmbache@wandsworth.gov.uk

Sue McKinney – SMcKinney@wandsworth.gov.uk

Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton – Roehampton@wandsworth.gov.uk

One thought on “Will developers have too strong a say in the regeneration?

  1. Dermot Cremin

    Where are all the housing association’s whom bank roll these project’s?, why have not Wandsworth council used these org’s?, – 1) very Limited scope for corruption, the council and developers know that these org’s scrutinize down to the last brick- and build for the needy. 2)The Developer’s will again change the Final master plan, again to suit their profit margin’s. 3) This will turn into another Land grab- so between the Rohampton university & the Developer’s / Wandsworth council, this is where the word’s ” GREED IS GOOD ” are used not just in Hollywood, but for Regeneration and Roehampton. Dermot Cremin. Secretary: Alton. Regeneration.Watch. ( A.R.W.)


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