2015 blog entries


January 2015

Date Title Description
4th No Team Roehampton newsletter in Roehampton Voice Issue 19 Team Roehampton has been providing their newsletters in the Roehampton Voice publication, so why not in Issue 19? Is this going to continue?
4th Alton Estate Leaseholders – interesting in working together There are quite a few leaseholders on the Alton Estate. Perhaps they should work together?
4th Staying Put An Anti Gentrification Handbook for Council Estates in London This handbook provides a lot of food for thought when it comes to ‘regeneration’ projects.
11th Will developers have too strong a say in the regeneration This Evening Standard makes you think about how the developers may have too much influence and could alter the Masterplan.
11th Residents Associations – time for a change The restriction on who can be a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer look as though they may be lifted.
16th ‘No social housing’ in our luxury tower block boasts developer in advert for Greenwich flats One developer makes lack of ‘social’ housing a key selling feature.
16th Next stage of the Masterplan is being discussed next week…….hasn’t anyone told you The meeting of the Housing and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee on Wednesday, 21st January, 2015 at 7.30 p.m. reviews the next stage of the regeneration. Those directly impacted by demolition may be interested in the Council documents.
25th Fact or fiction – Conservative leaflet about keeping barriers closed Read about how hard it is to find a Conservative leaflet which highlights good news about Danebury Avenue barrier.
25th How much will the new flats be worth Not quite a crystal ball though let’s have a look at other newish builds in the area.
27th Council sets out far-reaching housing strategy 18,000 new homes, up from 11,000. More homes on the Alton at risk?
30th Plight of Wandsworth’s vulnerable households A couple of Wandsworth Guardian articles regarding the housing situation in Wandsworth.
31st Useful subscriptions to keep you in the loop regarding the area Some suggestions to keep you in the loop regarding the regeneration and the local area.

 February 2015

Date Title Description
17th A resident challenges Labour MP candidate An Alton Estate resident questions where the regeneration fits within the Labour MP’s priorities. This exchange took place in the Wandsworth Guardian.
20th Evening Standard – pricing London’s poor out its centre is a recipe Thought provoking article about gentrification.
21st A3 Roehampton Vale & A306 Roehampton Lane Carriageway Resurfacing Information regarding road works in Roehampton.
21st 20mph consultation for Roehampton area A ‘consultation’ for Roehampton which has little background information as to how this came about.
21s Don’t forget to vote for Conservators election by Feb 25th Election time for the Conservators, and no, this is not for the Conservatives.
21st Feb 2015 The Neighbourhood Policing Newsletter Putney February 2015 newsletter from the Neighbourhood Putney police.
21st Films4u 24th Feb – Sorrows and Smiles Details about Films4u’s next showing.


Date Title Description
3rd Roehampton Vale petition – reduce 40mph to 30mph Details about this petition and associated documents.
3rd Alton regeneration Paper 15-68 Details of the next stages of the regeneration consultation. April and May means residents have a say.
3rd End of university student cap helps Unite fill more rooms – CityAM Lifting of the student cap increases one corporate’s profits. Roehampton services two universities, makes you think what may could be ahead.
6th London Assembly paper – Knock it Down or Do it Up Recently, February 2015, the London Assembly Housing Committee produced a document titled ‘Knock it Down or Do it Up? : The challenge of estate regeneration’.
6th Questions for Team Roehampton regarding the February newsletter and the next meeting of the Roehampton Partnership The February newsletter is out and not everyone has seen this, and the Roehampton Partnership takes place on the 25th March. So we’ve asked a few questions about both of these.
6th Roehampton Partnership – how were the current 18 members chosen? We ask Team Roehampton how the original 18 members were chosen.
7th Boris Johnson provides 20k for ‘cultural quarter’ in Roehampton Mayor’s office providing funds for various London projects and Roehampton is one lucky recipient.
7th Housebuilders ‘putting up rubbish’ Something to think about regarding the quality of new builds.
8th ARW meets MP Green Party candidate at Cafe Joy ARW asks residents about the regeneration.
21st March Brightside magazine is out March Brightside is out and it has not, as of yet, been distributed to all residents on the Alton Estate.
21st Are the Labour Councillors more interested in the merger with Richmond than the Alton regeneration? The ward’s Labour Councillors ask many questions about the merger with Richmond, though what about the Alton regeneration?
22nd Ibstock School Theatre – can the community use it? Can the Alton Estate benefit from using this theatre? Where will the cars park?
28th City AM – Applications rise for powers to acquire land Compulsory Purchase Orders are on the rise.
28th Evening Standard – Pickles raps ‘poor doors’ for social tenants An article about whether ‘social tenants’ should be able to share entrances with non-social tenants.
29th Council Committee meeting 4th March – regeneration update A brief update on the regeneration from the Council Committee meeting of 4th March 2015


Date Title Description
6th Alton regeneration – Supplementary Planning Documentation released The next phase of the Alton regeneration has begun.
27th The Cornerstone for sale or let Another piece of Roehampton might be sold off.
30th General Election Hustings at Roehampton Unversity………………did you know about it? This seemed to escape the Roehampton Partnership and the Roehampton Forum, and thanks to MP Green candidate Chris Poole a few of us managed to attend. Have a read of what was, and was not, discussed.


Date Title Description
2nd Alton Estate Residents Associations What a great way to be a part of the community. Here’s some background how to start one up. Also, Hersham Close seems to be on its way to creating one.
3rd Labour’s 2008 Roehampton redevelopment consultation – what’s changed? A comparison of what Labour said in 2008 about the regeneration then, and what is happening now. Quite the difference…..
7th Alton Regeneration Watch meeting 6th May 2015 A good turn out by Alton Estate residents to discuss the regeneration.
7th Cornerstone – no longer a polling station The Cornerstone seems to have stopped acting as a polling station.
10th Allbrook House and the library – why demolish them What others have said about demolishing the library and Allbrook House
10th Labour February-March newsletter Should our Councillors be spending time on what the Council should be doing?
22nd SPD Paragraph 2.9 Community safety A review of the crime figures the Council is using in the Supplementary Planning Document.
31st Roehampton Forum meeting 12th May 2015 Team Roehampton provided a presentation on the Supplementary Planning Document and there was an update on the sale of the Cornerstone.


Date Title Description
6th Ibsley Gardens maintenance – footpath used as a road Maintenance of the estate is a hot topic. Do you think the Council is doing a good job?
6th When is foot path not a foot path Some more maintenance issues…….overgrown trees on footpaths
7th ‘Redeveloping Danebury Avenue, What Roehampton Wants’ – Labour’s 2008 survey results The results to Labour’s survey of 2006 for the previous regeneration. My how a parties views can change…..
11th Roehampton Voice Issue 21 Lots of articles regarding the regeneration within  the latest edition of the Roehampton Voice.
11th Demolish council estate high-rise blocks, says housing minister Alton Estate concrete towers…watch out?
27th Greatham Walk gets a pavement refurbishment For something different, the little things also matter.
28th £1.3m facelift for Putney Vale estate This is about a Residents Association can do for the local community.
29th When is a foot path not a foot path (part 2) A follow up the article of the 6th June.


Date Title Description
1st Studentification of Roehampton…sign of what’s to come Will there be more of this in the years to come?
6th Labour’s Roehampton Newsletter June-July 2015 The latest propaganda from the ward’s Councillors.
14th Clapdown on wind tunnels – Alton Estate watch this space Interesting how wind tunnels have popped up….it was mentioned some years back….
19th Roehampton Forum meeting Wednesday 7th July Some comments regarding the Forum’s latest meeting.
26th 20mph for the Alton Estate is not a goer The results of the 20mph are……..well, have a read.
26th More fly tipping at Hyacinth Rd Fly tipping continues at Hyacinth Road


Date Title Description
9th Oh, more fly tipping on Hyacinth Road This is a follow on article of the blog article of the 26th July. How many times can fly tipping in one spot be permitted to go on?
10th 100,000 students flood to the UK – does the Alton Estate need to keep an eye on this The more students a university can take on then the need for more student housing might be needed, Alton Estate is in between both Roehampton University and Kingston University.
11th Hyacinth Rd – more fly tipping (4 times in 1 month) Really, more fly tipping!
15th Roehampton Festival – 23rd August 2015 Hooray, it’s back!
20th ARW meeting 19th August Comments regarding what happened at the ARW meeting – songs, logos, presentations – it’s all happening!
23rd Cornerstone follow up – have you seen the Council notice? What does the future hold for the Cornerstone?
30th Roehampton Festival – check out this picture It was great to have the Roehampton Festival back, and one child’s picture really hits home…
30th Roehampton’s new Creative Community Hub a socially sustainable model More non-Alton estate folks telling the Alton what is needs…


Date Title Description
1st Roehampton University and how it relates to the local community meeting 24th September This should be interesting given the previous dialogue regarding this topic.
7th The Alton estate featured in a movie…..which one If you haven’t heard of “Fahrenheit 451”, you will of now.
20th Freeholder and Leaseholder buyback process started? Valuations for properties in the demolition zone have begun (see a copy of a letter) and for food for thought have a look at the service charges for the newly Egleton House Apartments.
20th Channel 4 documentary about most desirable Council home? Wow, fancy being in a documentary about “desirable council propoerties£? See the sign I saw on a high rise block on the Alton Estate.
20th Roehampton Partnership – read here for information about it Details about the Roehampton Partnership are now being published at this webpage. It includes the Constitution, Membership details, Attendance record (and some are not very good) and Minutes. Plus some correspondence with the Council and our Councillors.
27th Crime figures – have a look and see what you think A best endeavours effort to maintain ongoing crime figures for the area, notice and widely the figures can change per month.
27th Safer Neighbourhood Board meeting October 6th Might be an opportunity to go along and ask about crime and anti-social concerns that are bothering you


Date Title Description
4th Ibstock School – community use follow up The transport plan and the community use plan have been released by Ibstock school and are available to comment on regarding the planning application.
11th Notes about Roehampton University meeting 24th September Some comments regarding the University’s evening event as first mentioned on the 1st September.
18th MP Greening Summer-Autumn Newsletter Have you seen it? It’s worth a read.
18th Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors – where have they been parachuted in from Residents, don’t you think it’s time to have locals standing up and representing you?
18th Allbrook House – ‘object of beauty’ or ‘act of sabotage’ the Council discusses The Council discusses the listing of Allbrook House (though not the Library building?).

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