Fact or fiction – Conservative leaflet about keeping barriers closed

If anyone has the leaflet referred to below, can you please share?


Recently, it was spotted on MP Greening’s website that;

“If you would like to share your views with me on the Roehampton Regeneration project (or receive updates from my meetings with residents and Wandsworth Council’s Regeneration Team), please email me at greeningj@parliament.uk “. 

Source: http://www.justinegreening.co.uk/campaigns/roehampton-regeneration

As a resident that attended a meeting with MP Greening regarding concerns about the regeneration. It was asked of MP Greening’s office to be kept in the loop regarding these ‘updates’.

Interestingly, the feedback was that the email address is on file and that notification will be received when the next meeting is to be held.

It had to be highlighted to MP Greening’s that even though there may be a notification list there was no notification regarding the good news concerning Danebury Avenue and Highcliffe Drive barriers, other than being notified via the putneysw15 website via the article –


The response back from the office was that a leaflet was distributed on the Alton Estate regarding the good news.

A copy of the leaflet was requested, and then a few emails back and forth along the lines thgat not all properties received it as it was not possible to deliver to all blocks.

Having asked around, no one seems to have seen a copy of this leaflet, and MP Greening’s office has not been able to provide an electronic copy of the document. MP Greening’s office further highlighted that it was on her website;


So, it is possible to being a resident on the list for notification of the next meeting, though there is no direct notification of any actions from MP Greening’s office as a result of these meetings.

Other than being confused as to what counts and does not count as being notified, if anyone has  a copy of this leaflet can you please share, for at this stage, I’m not sure whether this is fact or fiction?


Email us at – roeregeneration@yahoo.com – and let us know of any concerns you may have.

Or email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter – pcarpenter@wandsworth.gov.uk

Jeremy Ambache – JAmbache@wandsworth.gov.uk

Sue McKinney – SMcKinney@wandsworth.gov.uk

Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton – Roehampton@wandsworth.gov.uk


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