Useful sources of information regarding the area

Whilst we do our best to keep you in the loop regarding what’s happening with the regeneration, there is quite a bit going on all the time in the Wandsworth, Putney and Roehampton area. So, if you feel like keeping up with all the latest events, here’s a few suggestions.

To be directed to the information, click on the name in the source column. Happy reading….

Source Brief descriptions
Alton Regeneration Watch For views on the regeneration which have nought to do with outside influences such as the Council and the Labour Party, check out this website.
Vote Roehampton Twitter fed This contains lots of information related closer to home, that is, the Alton Estate. Worth reading just to see pictures of one of our Labour Councillors as they were when a member of the……..Liberal Democrats…….
Putneysw15 Contains a lot of goings on in the Putney area. Much of it created by people from the Putney area and is in the Forum section. You can also subscribe to weekly alerts.
Wandsworth Guardian This is worth being kept in the loop with. There is the weekly E-Newsletter which comes out Thursdays and comes to your inbox, and there are daily alerts as well. Many people in Roehampton are not aware that Roehampton residents are having their letters published in the weekly publication.
Wandsworth@6 Do you want the latest news from Wandsworth Council in your inbox at 6pm, Monday to Friday?
Alton Masterplan Newsletter To receive the Masterplan newsletter from Team Roehampton. However, a few people have complained it does not work very well, that is, you don’t receive any emails.
Roehampton Downloads This contains various documents relating to the regeneration. Roeregeneration had to push the Council to publish the Minutes of the Partnership online and finally did so in August 2014 (despite being revamped in March 2013). Just don’t expect the latest Minutes to be updated quickly.
Brightside magazine As the website states – “Brightside is the magazine of Wandsworth Council. It contains a range of information about services and events”. You can see the latest edition and past editions.
Homelife magazine A Wandsworth Council magazine which provides various updates regarding what’s happening in the various communities within Wandsworth.
Councillor meetings This is where all the various Minutes of the different Council meetings are held. If you want to know what’s happening regarding the regeneration, this is where to look.


Email us at – – and please let us know if this has been useful or whether there are other sources of information that should be added here.




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