Alton resident challenges Labour MP candidate regarding the regeneration

Roehampton Forum meeting 16th January 2015

The topic of articles in the Wandsworth Guardian was briefly mentioned in the Roehampton Forum with Councillor Ambache claiming to have been ‘attacked’ within this publication. There was no further clarity regarding this and for background to this claim please read the blog ‘Queries regarding University’s benefit to ‘local community’.

[Click here to read ‘Queries regarding University’s benefit to ‘local community’]

Another member of the Forum commented that the Wandsworth Guardian has not been delivered to the estate for quite some time. It is shame that many residents are not aware of it and the articles that are of interest.

A further series of articles have been published in the Wandsworth Guardian

Another series of articles in December and January had an Alton estate resident challenging the Labour MP candidate regarding the regeneration. This seems a shame for locals not to be aware of what was mentioned, such as summary is outlined below.

To read more about each of the items in the table below please click on the ‘Title’ reference.

Date Title reference Brief overview
1 Labour delivers leaflet on the Alton Estate called the ‘Roehampton News’ This has a spurious comment about ‘service charges’ and neglects any mention of the Alton Estate regeneration.
2 Wandsworth Guardian article ‘Regeneration plan left out of the news’ Written by an Alton Estate resident this highlights that the regeneration has not been mentioned in this leaflet. Also, despite calling the regeneration a ‘farce’ prior to the three Councillors being elected their claims seem to have disappeared.
3 Wandsworth Guardian article ‘Regeneration is on the agenda’ Labour MP candidate provides a reply that the regeneration is on the agenda though other topics were being highlighted.
4 Wandsworth Guardian article ‘Specific concerns not addressed’ Alton Estate resident counters with a list of questions asking Labour candidate to take a position on these topics.

As mentioned earlier, it’s a shame that these articles are not more widely known to residents of Roehampton.


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