Fims4u 24th Feb – Sorrows and Smiles

The following is a copy and paste from an email received regarding the next Films4u event.

Dear All,

Following the film “The Impossible” commemorating the 10-year anniversary of the SE Asia tsumani that we showed on 24th January we are now going to be showing the DVD of our own trip to Sri Lanka in May 2005. Christine and I went with 3 others as a goodwill visit from the Methodist Church in Great Britain to the Methodist Church in Sri Lanka and the communities of which they are a part that were so terribly devastated by the tsunami. The DVD tells our story and the stories of those we met during this visit. Like us you will laugh and cry, hence the title “Sorrows and Smiles of Sri Lanka”

On our return we raised some £16,000 for these communities and we continue to be in touch through an organisation called Ocean Stars Trust. There will be opportunity to contribute to this organisation at this special showing and there will be information about the work in which they are still engaged. You can find out more on their website –

We do hope you will be able to come.

Date: Tuesday 24th February
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Roehampton Methodist Church

Please pass this on to anyone else who might be interested. Bring your friends, neighbours, anyone to see and hear this unique first-hand experience.

Thank you for your interest.
Keith & Chris”

Please contact Keith Rowbottom should you have any queries –

[Click this sentence to read the publicity information].

[Click this sentence to read the ‘Sorrow & Smiles’ poster].


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