Alton regeneration Paper 15-68

What’s the document all about?

Please read the Summary taken from the Paper 15-68 which highlights this;

“This report provides information regarding the Roehampton Supplementary Planning Document, which is being taken forward by the Economic Development Office in cooperation with the Planning and Development Division. The Alton area Masterplan was approved by the Council in October 2014 and has now entered the procurement and delivery phase. Though the Masterplan has corporate approval it does not have any formal planning policy status and therefore has limited ‘weight’ in being able to inform the development control process. It was therefore agreed that a Supplementary Planning Document be prepared for the Masterplan.

This SPD will be consistent with the approved Masterplan and will comply with the Council’s current Local Plan. It will be prepared to comply with all relevant planning policies and legal requirements, and will include a period of public consultation.

This report provides a background to the Masterplan and background as to the reasoning for the preparation of an SPD. The report also provides an overview of the structure, process and content of the SPD and a Scoping Report is included as an Appendix.

It is recommended that the final Draft SPD be approved via the Standing Order No. 83 (a) procedure prior to a period of public consultation. It is proposed that the Final SPD be reported to the OSC in the September 2015 cycle for formal adoption by the Council”.

The Timelines for Consultation

As per section 43 of Paper 15-68.

Scoping Stage Review of baseline information and identifying evidence gaps December 2014
Initial Draft Preparation of initial working draft SPD for discussion January – February 2015
Consultation Draft Preparation of Draft SPD and consultation materials March 2015
Consultation and SA Public and stakeholder consultation and Sustainability Appraisal April – May 2015
Final Draft Analysis of consultation responses and preparation of Final SPD May – August 2015
Adoption Adoption of Final SPD and associated documents September 2015 (TBC)


A few comments from Paper 15-68 that stand out

Section Council Comment Roeregeneration Comment
13f To repair streets, public spaces and pedestrian links to make them more convenient and usable Shouldn’t this be ongoing as a matter of course?
14 The Alton area has the potential for significant and positive change through the quality and significance of some of the existing buildings (some of which are listed), the green and open environment, a location next to assets such as Richmond Park and the presence of key institutions such as the University, which can benefit both current and future residents. ‘Assets such as Richmond Park’ = ££££
36 In order to maintain momentum on the programme, and to demonstrate the Council’s commitment to the programme to both the community and potential private sector partners, it is proposed that consultation on the Draft SPD takes places following the February cycle of CSOSC and Executive meetings, with the majority of the consultation taking place prior to the 2015 election. Oh, so this Consultation is being rushed through alongside the General Election. So, if residents wish to engage our Councillors regarding this Consultation there will most likely be limited opportunity to do so.
39 Advice has been sought from the Borough Solicitor and the Council’s appointed legal advisors to the regeneration programme regarding undertaking consultation within the pre-election period. It is considered that this is ‘business as usual’ and the necessity to continue with the regeneration programme outweighs the considerations on delaying the consultation until after the June cycle of meetings. It is intended that informal briefings will be held with ward members to inform them of this approach to ensure any conflicts with election campaigning are avoided. In addition, the So, the potential to run this at the same time as the General Election has been considered a concern, so much so that Legal advice and expense has been undertaken.
40 Although this does not present any legal risks in relation to the activities being undertaken (see paragraph 39), it may present risk in that the regeneration programme is an important local issue and therefore a political issue. There is a risk that the consultation process may be affected by political or other issues relating to the election, despite mitigation that can be taken by officers and members to ensure that the consultation focuses on the SPD and related issues. Oh, so this could be a ‘political issue’ and its okay to run this at the same time as the General Election. 

How can this be justified?

Council documents

Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee, 10th February 2015

Executive, 23rd February 2015


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