Roehampton Vale petition to reduce existing 40mph to 30mph

Many on the Alton may be interested to read the following given this involves Roehampton.

What’s this all about?

The petition states;

“We the residents living in Roehampton Vale are strongly concerned about the safety for pedestrians & motorists using the pavement on Roehampton Vale often competing with cyclists. Cyclists are unsafe to cycle on the main road with speedy 40 m/h motorists that’s why they are cycling on the narrow pavement, competing dangerously with pedestrians, motorists stopping for emergency and Kingston University students at the bus stop. We consider it will be much safer & the risk of accidents will be reduced if the speed limit between Robin Hood Gate & Tibbets Corner is reduced from 40 to 30 m/h. We request the support of Wandsworth Council and The Mayor of London in reducing speed limit to 30 miles per hour”

 How many signed the petition?

110 and Councillor Ambache presented the petition to the Council on 15th October.

What’s happened?

At the Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee held on Tuesday, 10th February, the following papers were submitted.

Please click on each of the below bullet points to read the documents.

At the Executive Committee held on Monday, 23rd February the recommendations were supported.


Email us at – – and let us know of any concerns/thoughts you may have or add a comment at the end of the blog entry in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section.


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