Alton Estate Residents Associations


What is a Residents Association (RA)?

To quote Wandsworth Council – “A residents’ association is a group of residents from an estate, block, neighbourhood or sheltered community who have come together formally to make decisions about their housing and community and to influence the housing services provided by us”.

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Are there many on the Alton Estate?

Given the size of the estate you might think that there are lots of them, sadly that’s not the case. At the moment it seems to be that there are only four – Minstead & Manresa Sheltered Residents, Finchdean House , Grayswood Point and Cadnam Point.

There have been recent attempts to set up one in Fontley Way 2012/2013 and apparently there was very little interest from residents and again with Kimpton House last year. Tunworth Crescent dissolved recently.

Reasons for having so few Residents Associations?

This could be due to a number of reasons, one of which is that at the moment, to be a full member of an RA one must be a council tenant or a leaseholder. This being a gripe expressed by the current Chair of the Roehampton Forum at last year’s Let’s Talk September event.

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However, there’s always a new kid on the block

You may have been wondering why there is a picture of Hersham Close at the top of this article, that’s because a group of Hersham Close folks did a door knock recently and asked people to join and people said “yes”. Now, there is the Council accreditation process to go through and hopefully they will be up and running before you know it. Good on you Hersham Close folks!!

If you are interested in forming a RA

Click this sentence for your Resident Participation Officer.

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