The Cornerstone… longer a polling station?

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This might be old news to many, though it was highlighted today that the Cornerstone was no longer a polling booth, not at least for today’s General Election. Does that mean the Cornerstone has been sold or let?

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5 thoughts on “The Cornerstone… longer a polling station?

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  5. Alton East resident

    One wonders how long in advance halls are booked for polling day – not something you’d want to get wrong, so probably done well in advance. But not a murmur, not a peep about it publicly by its owners, the Church of England, nor its representative in Roehampton. the Rev McKinney, who I understand sits at (or near) the top table in a few local organisations supposedly representing the community. So, silently another public asset sidles away into the shadows of the private world of money . . .


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