Labour February-March newsletter

20150505 00.00 lab - Roehampton News Feb-Mar 2015

Have you seen the latest Labour newsletter?  It’s dated February and March though we received this on the 5th May!

There are a couple of interesting comments in it.

One states – “As your Labour Councillors we will be pressing the Council to protect the rights of existing residents” – though what have they done to “protect” these rights? And, what “rights” are they protecting? At the Alton Regeneration Watch meeting of 6th May it didn’t seem that they are doing much of a job of this.

Have a read about “Improving our Local Environment”, for if our Councillors have to be involved in “replace broken street light bulbs”, “provide more litter bins and bins for dog mess” and “ensure that trees over-hanging the foot path are cut back”, then the question could be asked – “Is the Council looking after the Alton Estate if our Councillors have to involved in these issues?”.

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Labour February-March 2015 newsletter


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