SPD Paragraph 2.9 Community safety

2.9 Community safety v1.1

[Click on this sentence for a better view of the crime figures]

Confused by all the colours in the diagram above?

Let’s try and explain it. Yellow refers to the which of the three areas (Roehampton, Wandsworth or Met Police Area) has the lowest price figures over the period, orange refers to the highest figures, and purple to the middle figure.

Where did the figures from?

The 2013 figures taken from the Alton Area Masterplan Baseline Report September 2013. (Table 17 page 137) with the 2014 and 2015 figures coming from the Alton Regeneration Watch article ‘Crime Written’.

Please note that the Council’s figures are covering a 12 month period to May whilst the other two cover the 12 months to March.

Can the figures vary greatly from one year to the next?

Certainly can, Roehampton seems to have had the lowest (2014), highest (2013) and middle figure (2015) for ‘Theft and Handling’.

Didn’t the Council just publish a figure for one year in its Baseline report?

Apparently so…..which leads to the question of how can this snapshot of figures be used as a justification for demolition when the figures can vary so widely from one year to the next?

Criminal damage

This is one of the two “offences” which the Council has highlighted in the SPD. Well, from the 2015 figures this seems to just lower than the Met Police Area figure. In fact, this is lower than Wandsworth’s 2013 figure of 7.2 which, at that time, was the lowest figure!

Violence Against the person

This is the other “offence” listed, and the year after the Council’s figures it had dropped greatly from 23.8 to 16.5, now back up to 27.8. That’s a bit of a yoyo! Why is this?

Does Table 17 in the Baseline report of much value on its own, does it highlight this yoyo of figures?

Without understanding what is causing this figures and providing a series of years to compare, the figures in the Baseline report would seem to be nothing more than a set of figures at a certain time.

For instance, how much of this up and down of figures could be caused by the reduction in police  force for the Roehampton area? Let’s not forget that one of Councillors, in only March 2014, presented a petition to restore the amount of police officers to 7 from the current 2. The picture below highlights this. Ironically, on page 21, photograph 4, does the photo includes a picture of the former police station, that being the corner maisonette?

201403 Bring back the Bobbies petition - update

In summary

The figures provided in the Baseline report don’t seem to justify demolition  of  existing buildings.

What do you think?

Related information

Alton Regeneration Watch article ‘Crime Written’

Area Masterplan Baseline Report September 2013


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