Demolish council estate high-rise blocks, says housing minister


Watch out Alton Estate high rises………………….click the sentence below for the article.

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2 thoughts on “Demolish council estate high-rise blocks, says housing minister

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  2. Concerned In The Community

    The insane neo-conservative re-reading of Darwin – all competition (‘the market’) and no co-operation (‘nanny state’) has spread like a virus to the idea (if you can grace it with that term) that London is somehow in competition with the rest of England, the rest of the UK, the rest of the EC, the rest of the world. The rational beliefs of 30 or 40 years ago, on the need to decentralise by for instance sending tax offices out to the North to give employment there, has been buried by a mad credo dictating that urban density in London should be maximised because it is a measure of the success of the city. In the same way, the relative low house prices on the Alton Estate are a measure of its failure in market terms. It will only be a success when it’s too expensive for most people to live in it.
    Before our eyes, this deranged philosophy is dragging us back into a barbarism the ideologues of Thatcher’s day could only dream of.


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