Labour’s Roehampton Newsletter June-July 2015


Hopefully you have received the June-July Labour Councillor newsletter. This newsletter seems to have a lot of context which this blog has been referring to as well.

Crime rates are going down……..overall…..

Yes, this blog highlighted this recently in a May article about the use of crime figures in the Council’s Supplementary Planning Document.

Have a read of “SPD Paragraph 2.9 Community safety”.

Labour promotes Residents Association……since when?

Hang about, in just a year of going to both the Roehampton Forum and the Roehampton Partnership, our Labour Councillors have not promoted the benefits of a Residents Association. Only at the Let’s Talk event last year did they seem to take some interest, and that was as the result of a member of the public commenting on the restrictive membership policy. If promoting them, then the success rate is low.

Hmm……this blog has been promoting Residents Associations.

Click on the below sentences to read more.

Student housing to go somewhere other Danebury Avenue Town Centre?

The newsletter states – “Consideration of locations other than the Danebury Avenue town” centre for additional student Accommodation”.

Hmmm…….have a read of this……..”Alton regeneration – student housing progress” as it highlights that it was not a popular choice in the first place, so why did it take so long for our Councillors to speak up on this??

Health care provision…

Labour states that “Incorporation of the requirements for additional educational and health-care provision into the plans. A clear indication of the phasing of the development and the timescale over which it will be carried out”. Hmmm….this too has been referred to in this blog, “What health benefits will the Alton regeneration bring”.

Highcliffe Drive barrier

Okay, Danebury Avenue barrier is still in favour of being closed, though those of you interested in Highcliffe Drive barrier, make your voices heard.


Maybe our Councillors are starting to listen…..Also, maybe it’s time for some new photos, as I think they’ve used some of these before……time to check the past leaflets…


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Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

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3 thoughts on “Labour’s Roehampton Newsletter June-July 2015

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  2. Paperless !

    True, all true . . . . . but why am I having to read the New Labour Party’s promotional material from this excellent blog ? I notice it’s now a week into July, and this is the first sight I’ve had of this “June/July” newsletter ?

    1. roeregeneration

      Hmmmm…..we only become aware of this newsletter on Sunday 5th July when a resident of one the concrete towers in the Mansresa neighbourhood informed us of this. Residents of the Hyacinth neighbourhood have reported instances of not seeing this newsletter. Not good.


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