Roehampton Forum meeting Wednesday 7th July

Here’s a few choice selections from the recent Roehampton Forum meeting.

Cornerstone update

Well, the blog is a little behind on entries, and had the Roehampton Partnership meeting of 26th June 2015 been added you would have been made aware that the Cornerstone is currently in the process of being purchased by Wandsworth Borough Council (WBC).

Why is the WBC purchasing the Cornerstone? Well, good question. This question raised a possible reason in that it might be used as a decant site for community services whilst the regeneration is going on. A comment was that made during regenerations shortages of space frequently occur. Question – if this is true, then why has this not been highlighted to the community as a potential issue? Seems an expensive enterprise for a “just in case” event?

It was asked whether residents could be made aware of the short term and long term uses for the site, though it was suggested that with the building sale undergoing negotiations, this information will not be forthcoming.

Watch this space.

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Allbrook House and library listing

It was mentioned that the listing ask has been provided to English Heritage. This was met with a momentary silence, though further information will be obtained such as timescales for any actions with regards to the potential listing.

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Social regeneration

“Social regeneration” keeps being mentioned though what does this mean? A decent attempt was highlighted, though I think more homework might be needed here.

Four aspects come to mind;

  1. This was mentioned at the Roehampton Partnership a few times though how has this translated into any actions? The Roehampton Partnership is the Roehampton version of the Freemasons, you’ve heard of it, though hardly anyone knows whom they are or what they do. Also, the attendance record of many of its members is poor.
  2. Wandsworth Guardian for all homes is most likely not going to happen due to access to properties with secure doors and a lack of advertising opportunities (this has been asked of Wandsworth Guardian already).
  3. Residents Associations being a given a more involved role. Well, first, let’s get the numbers up, there are only a few on the Alton Estate.
  4. It was mentioned that all properties have a green signage box, like the below, though we know this is not true. Our Councillors did not seem very sure about this by agreeing that all blocks had such signage boxes, though this was challenged by a Forum attendee.

For those of you not familiar with these boxes an example is provided. This is a signage box for the Tunworth Crescent Residents Association, which no longer exists.

150718 (2) (Medium)

As you can see it is currently up to date by having an Masterplan Open Day poster from September 2013 (!).

150718 (5) (Medium)

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Minutes of 9th June meeting

Oh again, comments involving the ward’s Councillors seems to have disappeared into the keyboard void. First, there was no mention of the idea that standing agenda items could be removed in favour of adding the Councillors. This suggestion means that topics which are on the agenda and sometimes with no input, such as Emergency Exit Arts, can be replaced by elected members whom residents can engage in open discussions and updates. The examples suggested at the last meeting were updates regarding the 20mph progress as well as what is happening with Resident Association membership criteria amendments.

Second, Councillor Carpenter was asked to follow up on a March Forum meeting action point whereby he was to follow up with the Roehampton Partnership over the time tardiness of the sharing its Minutes.

Lack of connectedness

Surprise, surprise. During the Social Audit section, the three main Roehampton organisation groups were mentioned as not being connected. These groups are;

> Roehampton Trust – webpage does not say much about them

> Roehampton Forum – been around for years and no webpage

> Roehampton Partnership – publishes its Minutes only after being challenged to do so by roeregeneration (there was a comment that the Roehampton Partnership should have a table at the Roehampton Festival so they could be seen in the community…..Councillor Ellis, hope you’re paying attention)

To connect, residents need to know who these groups are, who attends and runs them, and what they are about.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)….date moved to the day time during a working day

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was amended to the November meeting rather than the originally planned September meeting. The reason for the late move being that the Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) will be (likely approved) at a WBC Committee meeting on the same evening as the originally planned AGM.

It was mentioned by a Forum Committee member that this revised date was during the day, and suggested the October meeting as it would still be held in the evening. That suggestion was turned down by the Chair as this is approaching winter and would result in fewer elderly attendees.

So, in a nut shell, this organisation seems more interested in some segments of the community rather than others, i.e. If you work during normal Monday to Friday working hours, this is not the group whom caters to your interests, at least that is one such view that can be taken from this. It would be interesting to know how this fits into the Social Audit?

Supplementary Planning Document (SPD)

There was a brief mention that the comments that have been lodged regarding the SPD will go up a week before the WBC meeting of the 22nd September at the Community Services Overview and Scrutiny Committee. The comments will be responded to by the WBC with reasons for why comments have been included or not. You’ll have plenty of time (…..not) to review the comments and any feedback as they will be released a week before the meeting.

If you would like to see what some residents have written, please refer to the Alton Regeneration Watch website article “Roehampton SPD Uploads”.


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