Hyacinth Rd – more fly tipping (4 times in 1 month)

Continuing the fly tipping theme for Hyacinth Road…..

The first photos referred to items left out on the 6th August and gone by 8th August.

150806 (2) (Medium)

150806 (3) (Medium)

The second photo refers to items left out on 5th August and gone by 8th August.

150807 (2) (Medium)


What’s been done about this?

This situation was raised with the Council and our ward Councillors as far back as March this year. It has again been raised today.

If you have fly tipping in your area, what do you a do?

This is only a suggestion though email the ward Councillors at the below addresses (as their February-March newsletter below highlights they are interested in “trouble spots”) and copy in roeregeneration@yahoo.com .

Peter Carpenter – pcarpenter@wandsworth.gov.uk

Jeremy Ambache – JAmbache@wandsworth.gov.uk

Sue McKinney – SMcKinney@wandsworth.gov.uk

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4 thoughts on “Hyacinth Rd – more fly tipping (4 times in 1 month)

  1. roeregeneration

    14th September – emailed the Estate Manager highlighting that no reply to the email of 28th August has been received, and highlighted that there were two more cases of fly tipping. 17th September – still no reply and the two cases of fly tipping are still there, so the Estate Manager is emailed again (with the Area Housing Manager copied). Later that day the items are removed though still no response from the Council. That makes 12 such cases, at least, this year. There is a Resident’s Association starting up around here and it would be good to have this on the agenda.

  2. roeregeneration

    20th August – there was a hand delivered notice to local residents regarding fly tipping and what actions will be taken. The letter was dated 13th August. Interestingly, same day there was further fly tipping which was carpet, that makes it at least 10 cases of fly tipping in the one spot this year. 25th August – email with photos was sent to the Estate Manager highlighting this. 28th August – the fly tipping is still there, so another email. Received an out of office from the Estate Manager and asked the Housing Western Team – housingwesternteam@wandsworth.gov.uk – to remove this. The fly tipping was gone that day. All up, eight days of the same fly tipping in the one spot and no involvement at all from our Councillors in doing anything about this, at least nothing they have shared with us.

  3. Hyacinth Bouquet

    This state of affairs is an ongoing disgrace. Now, it’s not that the Council is to blame for it, and I have to say that since this blog (RoeRegeneration) has started featuring these abuses, and its author has also in parallel been emailing rebukes, with an emphasis on copying in councillors and other concerned parties, response times have improved.

    It does need to be said that continually collecting the rubbish effectively legitimises the flytipping. Would be nice to see an innovative solution that works in the long run . . . .

  4. roeregeneration

    As mentioned in the blog article, the Councillors and the Council were emailed on the 11th August. The email included a series of photos of the four fly tipping events, plus an additional one which occurred on the day itself, which was a sofa. So, that’s five times in one month. On the 12th August, this sofa was gone. When a response is received we will let you know what they say.


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