Cornerstone follow up – have you seen the Council notice?

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Walking past the Cornerstone the other day and saw this notice.


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Further documents/information of interest


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Or email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter –

Jeremy Ambache –

Sue McKinney –

Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton –



3 thoughts on “Cornerstone follow up – have you seen the Council notice?

  1. Alton Resident

    Can the community not buy this property and we turn it into village hall, for weddings, farmer market, rent to university for lectures as before.
    We all could raise money and owned a piece of property this will really spark peoples power. It developers gets hold of it, it will be students hall of residents…..we have no input….

  2. Alton East resident

    This was always going to be a problem . . . . statute conferring the right to this and that is all very well, but ultimately this is an asset up for sale, and we hear this asset’s having over £2m offered for it. In the first moratorium period (up to 17th September) a qualifying community organisation has to step forward, or be created. By next February it has to have scraped together over £2m. That’s a lot of piggy-bank emptying. Or that’s a large sum to get somebody else with the deep pocket to back a bid. In order to achieve that, a cogent business case needs to be made, as to what’s done with said building after its purchase. Not so easy.

  3. Abi Shafi

    Residents of North Alton Estate (Tangle grove Ellis field and Kingsclere drive needs helps to tackle residents parking being snatched by trades men and contractors of Greenwich or Roehampton university over the last three months, Either the council or the trades men has removed the deterring residents parking only signage’s from all over Tangley grove & the Estate. Our Estate managers has turn a blind eyes even when it has been reported. Residents parking has been over stretched by contractor’s vans, expensive cars, and travellers are now using our Estate while they travel to airport via bus 72, Egbury house has suffered most, we are amongst the Houses close to the University, our bins are miss used with worker dumping their rubbish takeaways in our recycling bin with part unfinished food. We get more large bulk being dumped by this drivers. What has the council done? to alleviate this problem since reported. The signage has work for over 16 years, I can not believe why it can’t be replaced. Why is our estate managers not looking after residents of Alton estate in this matter, is the university management so corrupt that they can not envisaged the effect of their contractors on residents parking couple with their students also fighting over our parking resources during term times. This is in contraries to their postals working with the community!
    Some contractors littering the back stair’s gate that lead’s to old James house. This kind of disrespecting the community would not be allowed in Putney, Barnes, Clapham areas, Wandsworth common and Kingston etc why Roehampton? We are humans too, please help us to get our limited parking back to the residents. We don’t want the parking permit routes, we believe this is why we have been frustrated by the council. The worst of all what has the Roehampton ward councillors done too?


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