Roehampton’s new Creative Community Hub: a socially sustainable model?


First question, are you aware of this report?

Second question, if so, what do you think of this report?

Some observations;

  • Have a read of page 15 whereby the University has input into what Roehampton should have for its students, though does not have the capital to invest in its asks (seeming to prefer building student accommodation!). Also, there might be a challenge here from the University regarding what locals views with the comment “There is a wish to make sure that these students have the facilities they need while they are studying, to make the area attractive for future students, and to mitigate any problems (real or perceived) that the students presence or behaviour may cause for other residents”. Notice the “real or perceived” comment?
  • Appendix 4 lists all of those people and organisations that were involved in this report, and as far as it can be determined, only two of the people live on the Alton Estate!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Roehampton’s new Creative Community Hub: a socially sustainable model?

  1. When I Hear The Word 'Culture'

    Deeply suspicious . . . reading the report, it is liberally slathered with regeneration talk. Sounds like the exercise of ‘soft power’ as a sort of pseudo-military wing, alongside the bulldozers and wrecking balls . . . . . reluctant though anybody should be to criticise a body whose ‘founding director’ rejoices in the Dickensianly bourgeois name of Saffron Woodcraft (stop sniggering at the back there !)

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