Roehampton University and how it relates to the local community 24th September – some comments

This is a quick run through of some of the topics mentioned at Roehampton University’s evening about how it relates to the local community.

One aspect which was disappointing was the amount of people whom turned up, about 25-30, with none of the ward’s Councillors appeared. Many people on the Alton Estate have been complaining not just about the proposed student housing to be placed in the centre of the estate though also about various issues regarding anti-social behaviour, yet this would have been a good opportunity to come along and raise such concerns. It was such a shame that residents did not take this opportunity, moving on……

This blog entry won’t spend too much time on the content of the evening and if interested you may be able to obtain a copy of the presentation by emailing the University.

One aspect that was most telling was the lack of much mention of the neighbours, that is the Alton Estate. This seemed to be mentioned more so with regards to the question time at the end.

A question was raised regarding the Heritage at risk buildings of Mount Clare and the Temple. The Temple was the first real mention of the Alton Estate whereby “kids from the estate damaged the Temple”. What a lovely introduction to the neighbours……..

With regards to student housing in the Alton Estate Town Centre, they are “very supportive of that” and “very short of money”, which may go some way towards the University justifying its reach into the estate. Apparently the centre of the estate suits as it is noisy and busy and the students can slot in. Separately to this, as stated before, if student housing was really such an issue, then why this overlooked at the last regeneration attempt?

During the presentation it was mentioned that there are nearly 1,900 student bedrooms on and off campus. That would mean that with the new student housing as part of the “regeneration” this would increase to 2,300 and the university suggested (when asked about further “invasion” of the estate by an Alton Estate) it could build 900 more student bedrooms on its own grounds. It’s wondered how the local community feels about this potential future prospect.

Apparently, Boris bikes are being looked into for the area.

There was a mention regarding car parking issues on the Dover House Estate with students parking their cars there. This being a comment that has been mentioned around the estate blocks near Whitelands College.

It’s a very interesting situation in Roehampton, with regards to the University’s connections.

Let’s have a look.

As we know, Councillor McKinney works at the University.

Reverend McKinney apparently has at least three positions within the University;

Now, the Roehampton Partnership has, as part of its membership, the following;

That would mean six of 18 Roehampton Partnership members having a connection to the University. How representative is that of the ‘local community’?

Isn’t time that the community leaders had a register of interests so that all the various linkages between organisations can be known so the “local community” can be aware of this and be better informed when challenging or querying views on various local topics.

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