Putney Labour Party materials on the Alton Estate

When discussing what the various parties offer the Alton Estate, one aspect that pops up is that not everyone is informed about what they are doing other than the infrequent letter distributions on the estate and not everyone appears to receive them. So this might be of interest.

If any are missing, please do let us know.

2015 distributions


Articles that may be of interest

Twitter accounts


Email us at – roeregeneration@yahoo.com – and let us know of any concerns/thoughts you may have or add a comment at the end of the blog entry in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section.

Or email your Roehampton and Putney Heath Councillors at;

Peter Carpenter – pcarpenter@wandsworth.gov.uk

Jeremy Ambache – JAmbache@wandsworth.gov.uk

Sue McKinney – SMcKinney@wandsworth.gov.uk

Or email the Wandsworth Council team managing the ‘regeneration’

Team Roehampton – Roehampton@wandsworth.gov.uk

6 thoughts on “Putney Labour Party materials on the Alton Estate

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  2. roeregeneration Post author

    This blog has been updated with the Twitter accounts of Councillors Peter Carpenter, Sue McKinney and Jeremy Ambache (including Cllr Ambache’s Liberal Democrat Twitter account!)

  3. roeregeneration

    A couple of 2010 articles have been added and have a read of the April 2010 document which states “Labour introduced Roehampton’s award-winning safer neighbourhood police team, who have cut crime and made our area much safer”. I thought the area wasn’t safe is one of the reasons for the regeneration? Maybe a question for our Councillors?

  4. ¡Corbynista!

    Pretty cool, ol’Sheil’s general election publicity (the first ‘April campaign material’ pamphlet).

    Imagine, the solid ordinary people wheeled out to sing her praises were: a senior accountant; a business analyst; a microbiologist and a scientist. A nice, good representative cross-section of our population, isn’t it just ? Darn, I bump into one or other of those almost every . . . . year down Danebury Avenue, hows about you ?

    As it turned out, most the other microbiologists, business analysts, accountants and scientists in the constituency were seeking their salvation from other parties. Damn, those ‘hard-working families’ can be so tricksy !

  5. More Mugshots Please

    I think there must have been an August-September edition. Or maybe they was all just on a two-month holiday each:

    Anyways, I’m disappointed because there was only four mugshots of the Terrible Trio in June-July’s two-page newsletter, and some of us have an insatiable appetite for poorly-posed stiff self-congratulatory photos.

    There used to be this thing the dealers in the City, bored with their constant ‘wealth creation’, would relax by betting on how many horns on Viking helmets would appear in the next day’s Sun newspaper’s Hagar cartoon. Maybe to keep things interesting we could run a little book on the side: how many Trio photographs to appear in the next newsletter ? Or, will the order left-to-right be Sue, Jeremy, Peter; or Peter, Sue, Jeremy, or Jeremy, Sue . . . . . you get the idea.

  6. Jus' Wondering

    You see the top link, ‘Roehampton Newsletter October-November 2015’, you go to the nice picture of ‘Sue, Peter and Jeremy on the Alton Estate’ on page 2, is it my imagination or are our three councillors busy consulting a map and looking frantically for their way out of the Estate, back to home ?


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