Films4U – West Side Story Saturday 13th February


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“Dear All,

It’s valentine’s weekend. What better than a film of love and romance, especially when it’s set against the world of gang warfare on the streets of New York. Yes, it’s    


When Maria falls in love with Tony and Tony wants Maria to be his valentine you could be forgiven for thinking that this was the start of a beautiful romance.

But this young man and woman are caught on opposite sides of a gang war being fought in the streets of Manhattan, New York in 1960’s. Maria is the sister of Bernardo, leader of the Sharks, and Tony is the best friend of Riff, leader of the Jets.

The two gangs are sworn enemies, and nothing Maria or Tony can say will dissuade them from the violence which leads to the film’s heartbreaking finale.

Be moved by the magic of this musical.

Winner of ten Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Original Score.

A film for Valentine’s weekend

The cost of love

Remember to bring the tissues!

Saturday 13th February 7.30pm

Roehampton Methodist Church”


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