Alton Activity Centre – “Tell us the real plans”

Just in case you haven’t seen the letter that was published in the Wandsworth Guardian on 31st  March 2016 (page 8), regarding the Alton Activity Centre, you may find the below of interest.

20160331 WG letter by R Bishop p8

Documents/articles of interest;


2 thoughts on “Alton Activity Centre – “Tell us the real plans”

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  2. Alton East resident

    That was 31st March, and now I’m writing this on 14th April, with nothing changed since Mr Bishop wrote his letter two weeks ago.

    There can be no doubt that for whatever reason, the Council is avoiding speaking on the subject, no doubt waiting for its critics and those who want the services provided from the Activity Centre to continue, to fade away.

    Whilst at the same time, Cllr Tracey’s face looms out (“Look out, Hansel and Gretel ! Don’t go into the Town Hall with that lady, even if it is made of candy !”) from the front of that other story that won’t go away. Resignations ? No way, it’s ‘Have an OBE, Councillor. Resign? My dear lady, don’t even THINK of it!” Anybody with less brass neck would have died of shame, but not this one.


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