Alton Area Regeneration Newsletter – May 2016

The May Alton Area Regeneration newsletter was received on Sunday May 15th.

To have a read of this newsletter and past newsletters click on this sentence.

The May newsletter is titled “201605 Alton Area Regeneration News”.

Some comments that have been received regarding this newsletter have been.

Page 1

  • Alton Goes Ancient! Was on the 14th May so why was this received on May 15th?
  • “At least 37, or just under a third, are overcrowded”. Should it really take a regeneration to understand whether Council homes are over crowded?
  • “The rest have either yet to make up their mind, express a preference either way, or inform the council”. How many is this rest? Roeregeneration estimates that this “rest” is at least half.

Page 2

  • It is well known that many residents on the Alton Estate do not have internet access which has been highlighted in the past, which poses challenges for communicating to many Alton estate residents. With this in mind and the deeper pockets of the Council it has to be asked how Facebook and Instagram will be complemented to accommodate such further communication to this disenfranchised part of the estate community?


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