Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 5)

As the planning application 2016/1385 progresses more information comes to hand and more people are getting interested in this. An Alton Estate resident in Woodcott House has reviewed Roehampton University’s car parking information and it is worth a read.

One comment that grabs the attention is;

“Demand for car parking at the University often outweighs supply.  We therefore request all potential parking permit applicants to explore alternative travel options before making an application for a parking permit”.

Seems to indicate that car parking spaces are required and if not on the University then where do they go?

Another comment that grabbed the attention is;

“No Student Parking Monday to Friday 0830 – 1630hrs from 1st September – 31st May and this includes any academic break periods.

 No parking is offered to students at Digby Stuart, Froebel, Southlands, Whitelands, Downshire House and Mount Clare from 0830 – 1630hrs.  At 1630hrs students may park on site to reduce congestion in local off street parking”.

So, if the cars are not able to be parked on the University grounds, then where do these cars go?

One suggestion is that they likely end up on the Alton Estate? Part 3 of these articles seem to indicate that they are parked on the Alton Estate?

Another is that they end up in and around the Dover House Road area? This was mentioned at The Putney Society organised event held at Roehampton University on 24th September 2015.

To read the University’s car parking guidance notes go to –

Fascinating then that the planning application is to maintain cabins on what is being claimed as surplus car parksing, according to the Boyer’s cover letter (this being the agent lodging the application) dated 10 March 2015;

 “Prior to the introduction of the portacabins on the site the existing car park was rarely used due to there being a number of car parks in more accessible locations across the Whitelands College Campus. Although 46 no. car parking spaces are lost through the introduction of the portacabins, 78 no. car parking spaces still remain within 130 m of the application site. It has been established that even with the loss of these spaces there is still spare car parking capacity on the site”.

The University shrinks its capacity for car parking whilst students have to find somewhere, other than the University to park their cars. Is that acceptable to the Roehampton and Putney Heath ward residents?

Not only that, it looks like if a student, or anyone else for that matter, is caught parking on the University grounds then they are issued with a Penalty Charge Notice;


Any vehicle parked on the Roehampton University estate in breach of the Security Policy will be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) The PCN is issued through an external agency”.

Given that we’ve heard that Alton Estate residents are now being fined for parking on estate footpaths due to a lack of parking spaces, a question has to be asked about whether the Alton Estate can sustain be used as a car park by non-residents?

Don’t forget to lodge your views regarding the planning application. Part 1 and Part 2 mentioned below provide information on how to go about this.

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