Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 7)

As at last count there were 16 comments regarding the planning application 2016/1385, and of these 15 were objections. Having a look at this via a table it shows that Alton Estate residents are saying “no” to this planning application.

Who? How many? Comments
Alton Estate residents 10
Groups 2 The Putney Society, Alton Regeneration Watch (a mainly Alton Estate based resident group)
Roehampton residents outside of the Alton Estate 2
Putney resident 1

It’s seems to be true, parking enforcement is now on the Alton Estate?

It has been heard that parking enforcement is on the estate. Last night, in Ibsley Gardens on the Alton East a parking ticket was seen on the parked car below. So bear in mind, with the pressures on car parking, shouldn’t estate residents get car parking preference?

160601 (2) (Medium)

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