Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 8)

As at last count there were 18 comments regarding the planning application 2016/1385, and of these 17 were objections. Having a look at this via a table it shows that Alton Estate residents are saying “no” to this planning application.

Who? How many? Comments
Alton Estate residents 10  
Groups 4 The Putney Society, Alton Regeneration Watch (a mainly Alton Estate based resident group), Hersham Close Residents Association, Residents of the Alton Estate petition
Roehampton residents outside of the Alton Estate 2  
Putney resident 1  

Background to Historic England’s comment

Sadly, due to high volumes of applications the fate of this planning application will be left to the Council. The following is feedback from Historic England regarding a query to its letter on this planning application;

“Unfortunately due to the high number of applications we receive in London, Historic England is unable to provide detailed comments for all applications received.  Where it is felt that the local planning authority and its own Conservation Officer are capable of handling an application without detailed advice from ourselves, we send what is known as a non-intervention letter.  This letter states that ‘This application should be determined in accordance with national and local policy guidance, and on the basis of your specialist conservation advice’.  We are not saying that we don’t have any comments on the application, we are instead saying that we are satisfied that the local authorities own conservation officer can provide appropriate advice”.

Any thoughts regarding this?

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