Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 10)

There are quite few people asking how they can object to the planning application.

You can email the following the suggested template to .It is a template and you can amend it as you see fit.

Wandsworth Planning Team 

Dear Wandsworth Planning team,

Regarding: planning application 2016/1385, site address: Whitelands College Holybourne Avenue SW15 4JD

I object to planning application 2016/1385 for the following reasons;

1. Roehampton University should provide car parking for its students rather than discourage parking on its premises which leads to these cars being parked on the Alton Estate.

2. By these non-residents parking on the Alton Estate this puts additional pressure on car parking for residents making it difficult for residents to locate car parking. Alton Estate residents have reported that they are now being fined for parking on areas where they should not, such is the shortage which exists.

3. The portacabins are currently on top of car parking spaces and should be removed to support the University’s “substantial growth”, which is highlighted in the Boyer covering letter.

4. The portacabins are there without planning permission which means that residents were not given the opportunity to challenge this in the first instance so that the University could address these parking concerns.

5. With the lifting of the student cap it would not be unreasonable to expect more student car parking in and around the Alton Estate making it further difficult for residents to find car parking spots.

6. The uncertainty of future car parking on the Alton Estate via the regeneration also needs to be considered in context of this planning permission as this could place further car parking pressures on residents.

7. The University has almost a dozen listed properties within its various grounds and should have gone through due planning process for these portabacabins especially due to how close they are to Parkstead House, a Grade I listed building within the Alton Conservation Area.


 [Add your name and address]

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