Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 9)

How many objections are there?

In short, there are a lot. It seems to something like the following (though please bear in mind the below is an attempted guess and the Planning team at Wandsworth Council will need to confirm this in due course).

With regards to responses by groups, the Council has confirmed that the Hersham Close Residents Association letter is equal to 48, that is one objection for each of the maisonettes. For the others, such as The Putney Society, it is unknown how this counts as.

Whom? How many?
The Putney Society 1
Alton Regeneration Watch (a mainly Alton Estate based resident group) 1
Hersham Close Residents Association 48
Residents of the Alton Estate petition 41
Roehampton Forum 1
Hersham Close individual responses 16
Greatham Walk individual responses 2
Hilsea Point individual responses 1
Roehampton Gate individual responses 1
Tatchbury House individual responses 1
Kimpton House individual responses 2
Stoughton Close individual responses 1
Chilcombe House individual responses 1
Rushmere House individual responses 1

As mentioned earlier, these numbers need to be validated by the Council.

Historic England leaves decision to Council.

Historic England’s reply to this planning application was that it would delegate the decision to Wandsworth Council as highlighted below;

1. HE

Following up to the part 8 blog entry, Historic England have been asked by roeregeneration, again, to review this application. The response is as follows;

“I have again discussed the proposal with one of our Inspectors, however our position remains the same and we are not going to comment further.  As I have explained, our resources are limited which means we have to prioritise cases.  The Conservation Officer at Wandsworth is fully capable of assessing the case in accordance with the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

 I am sorry I am unable to assist you further on this occasion.”

Wandsworth Borough Council has five Grade I buildings (three in Roehampton) and Historic England are too busy to review.

People power driving this forward

The planning application will now be determined by the Council Planning Applications Committee and a Transport Survey will now be undertaken, as highlighted below;

“Please also be advised we have requested that a Transport Survey be undertaken and submitted to the Council.  Once we have received the survey, we will consult members of the public of the proposal.  I can also advise you the application will be determined by the Councils Planning Application Committee.  I do not have a committee date to provide yet, but when I do I will advise you accordingly”.

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11 responses to “Roehampton University seeking planning permission for cabins near Parkstead House (part 9)”

  1. Chair, Stoughton Close & Greatham Walk Residents' Association says :

    One important omission – the Stoughton Close & Greatham Walk Residents’ Association has also registered its objection, on behalf of the 49 households in the area it covers.

    • roeregeneration says :

      Dear Chair, apologies, this was missed due to the Council re-ordering the individual objections within the planning comments section from Hersham Close residents. It has been added into part 11.

      • Chair, Stoughton Close & Greatham Walk Residents' Association says :

        No problem, roeregeneration !

        Thanks for following this case so assiduously – and for the blog. It’s an invaluable source of information.

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