Roehampton Club at the Barnes Fair

Yesterday, roeregeneration had a look around the Barnes Fair and it was noticed that the Roehampton Club had a stall at this event.

Interestingly, last week at the Roehampton Festival, it wasn’t recalled having seen the Roehampton Club attend. If anyone has a different recollection, then please do let us know.

It could possibly be viewed as disappointing that a member of the Roehampton Partnership was at a fair in Barnes rather than at a fair on a patch it should be representing?

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2 thoughts on “Roehampton Club at the Barnes Fair

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  2. Outraged Of Roehampton

    Very, very disappointing . . . .the Roehampton Club wasn’t at the Feel Good Festival last year, was it ? I don’t recall it. So what’s ‘Roehampton’ about this club ???


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