Roehampton Club – not worthy of a spot of the Roehampton Partnership?

Well, the situation of the Roehampton Club not putting in an appearance at the Roehampton Festival took an interesting twist, thanks to the Roehampton Voice. Apparently, the Roehampton Club did not appear to have much of a clue regarding what the Roehampton Festival was all about? Have a read below.

pic 2

Now, according to Wandsworth Council in its recent paper 16-227 which was presented at the Council’s Housing and Regeneration Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting of 6th July 2016, the regeneration has been in “consultation” with the Roehampton Partnership (see below). It is questionable that this is a “consultation” though moving on……

pic 1a

Now, as a reminder, the attendees at the Roehampton Partnership are as follows;

pic 1b

Let’s have a look at the Roehampton Club’s attendance record at the Roehampton Partnership over the past few years;

  • 18th March 2013 (Roehampton Club) – attended
  • 17th July 2013 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 25th September 2013 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 2nd December 2013 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 10th February 2014 (University of Roehampton) – attended
  • 8th July 2014 (University of Roehampton) – attended
  • 9th September 2014 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 3rd December 2014 (Roehampton Club) – attended
  • 25th March 2015 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 24th June 2015 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 23rd September 2015 (Queen Mary’s Hospital) – did not attend
  • 1st December 2015 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend
  • 15th March 2016 (University of Roehampton) – did not attend

So, of the 13 meetings the Roehampton Club has attended only 3 meetings and 2 of these when hosted at the Roehampton Club……and hasn’t attended since December 2014…..

According to the Roehampton Partnership constitution, this Roehampton Club should have been removed by now…………………………………………….and had they attended they would be aware of the Roehampton Festival as it discussed at these meetings……..

pic 3

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One thought on “Roehampton Club – not worthy of a spot of the Roehampton Partnership?

  1. ARW

    Interesting, roeregeneration, that you quote Clause #5 of the Roehampton Partnership constitution.

    At the Partnership meeting of 28th June, alterations to its constitution were proposed (by the WBC side, natch) which inter alia provide for the wholesale excision of the ‘three strikes and you’re out’ provision. Only the robust pushback from the Roehampton Forum representative prevented the whole package of changes – which taken together put even more power within the ‘partnership’ in WBC’s hands – stopped the alterations from going through on the nod.

    There WILL be an ARW article on this, at, in a few days. We will repost here when it’s up . . . . watch this space !


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