Western Area Housing Panel – 19th September

The Western Area Housing Panel meets this coming Monday and for those of you that aren’t aware this involves the following Resident Associations;

  • Ashburton Sheltered Housing Residents’ Association
  • Cadnam Point Residents’ Association
  • Crown Court Residents’ Association
  • Finchdean House Residents’ Association
  • Glenthorpe Residents’ Association
  • Hayward Gardens Residents’ Association
  • Hersham Close Residents’ Association
  • Innes Gardens Residents’ Association
  • Lennox Sheltered Residents’ Association
  • Manresa and Minstead Sheltered Housing Residents’ Association
  • Putney Vale Residents’ Association
  • St Margaret’s Court Residents’ Association
  • Stockhurst Close Residents’ Association
  • Stoughton Close and Greatham Walk Residents’ Association

The Agenda for this meeting, in brief, is as follows;

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes – 11th July 2016
  3. Financial Inclusions Team
  4. Update on Alton Regeneration
  5. Election of Representatives for Roehampton Partnership
  6. Borough Residents’ Forum Report
  7. Performance Monitoring
  8. Small Improvement Budget
  9. Urgent Items
  10. Future Meetings

For the meeting pack containing the above please click on this sentence.

Regarding section 5 the voting seems to have taken quite the interesting spin. The Council representatives are able to vote on a representative for the Roehampton Partnership and this is conducted by secret ballot. It’s all cloak and dagger. Maybe something to do with page 3 of the June Roehampton Partnership draft Minutes – https://1drv.ms/b/s!ArEMr7ee7ZCNiCwB2REjQ2Fpskto .

The text is below;

“To receive a brief presentation from Gary Cox, Economic Development Office, and to elect three representatives for the Roehampton Partnership for a term of three years. The election will be conducted by Committee Services using a secret ballot.

 All Western Area Housing Panel members, including members of the Council, are eligible to vote in this election and each elector has three votes.

 For information, if an elected representative is unable to attend a meeting of the Roehampton Partnership, a substitute may attend on behalf of the permanent member, but should be of a sufficiently senior level in the partner organisation to have the same authority to act on the organisation’s behalf and make decisions that may affect that organisation”.

 This raises the following questions;

  1. Does the Council inform the other organisations how they should select their members? For instance, can the Council direct the Roehampton Forum to choose its representative onto the Council?
  2. Was this voting process put in motion when the current representatives were selected?
  3. This was not the process at the 11th July 2016 meeting when the voting process was aborted?
  4. Resident Associations may not last three years, then what happens?
  5. Voting for attendance to the Borough Residents Forum is annually, why should the Roehampton Partnership be any different?

The July 11th meeting had the following agenda and is covered in the draft Minutes;

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes – 22nd February 2016
  3. Housing Review Standards Review
  4. Election of Representatives to the Borough Residents’ Forum
  5. Performance Monitoring
  6. Small Improvement Budget
  7. Issues raised by Hersham Close Residents’ Association
  8. Urgent items
  9. Future Meetings

Fine below the following documents related to the above;

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