Grants (Overview and Scrutiny) Sub-Committee – 21st September

In Round 3 of the Wandsworth Grant Fund, there were six entries from the Roehampton & Putney Heath ward. 3 were successful and 3, unfortunately, weren’t.

A very high summary of the six entries are below;



WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 5

Organisation: CoDa Dance Company

Project Name: Capacity building

Brief Summary of project: Build capacity to become leading arts organisation in Wandsworth impacting 350-600 residents per year

Primary Theme: ARTS

Grant Recommended: £0

WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 7

Organisation: ROAM

Project Name: Roehampton SOUP

Brief Summary of project: Roehampton SOUP pilots a community potluck dinner where residents learn about creative projects happening in the area, and vote on which project to fund through donations accepted at the door. SOUP connects neighbour, acts as a platform to share resources, features local artisits, and seed funds project that benefit the community.

Primary Theme: ARTS

Grant Recommended £4,889.50

WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 14

Organisation: Small Steps

Project Name: Pre-school support sessions for children with disabilities

Brief Summary of project: Small Steps helps children with special needs, aged from birth to 5 years, work on all areas of their development, using the principles of conductive education. It delivers fourteen different half-day sessions per week, staffed by a professional team, that ensure the children are actively involved in challenging opportunities that develop their skills.

Primary Theme: CHD

Grant Recommended: £0

WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 27

Organisation: Age UK Wandsworth

Project Name: Roehampton Men’s Shed

Brief Summary of project: Roehampton Men’s Shed is aimed at isolated men living in the Roehampton area mainly aged 60-plus. The Men’s Shed would offerpractical activities such as carpentry, furniture repair and bike repair within an informal environemn, encouraging men to learn new skills, meet others, and so reduce social isolation and loneliness.

Primary Theme: HWB

Grant Recommended: £9,500.00

WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 35

Organisation: Parkinson’s People

Project Name: Chair based exercise classes

Brief Summary of project: We run a chair based exercise class for disabled people and those residents with parkinsons disease. We pay a minibus to go round the borough and collect and drop people off.

Primary Theme: HWB

Grant Recommended: £0

WGF/ R3 Ref No.: 46

Organisation: Putney Vale Youth Club

Project Name: Putney Vale Youth Group

Brief Summary of project: The aim of the project is to start a youth club in the Putney Vale Estate. The young people have no evening provision and are often on the streets in this time. The parents and residents recognize a need and are keen to support this project.

Primary Theme: YTH

Grant Recommended: £7,618.69

To find out more about the Fund and each of the six mentioned above, click on this sentence and refer to Item 5: Wandsworth Grant Fund – Round 3 Applications (Paper No. 16-323).


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