170 Roehampton Lane – 2016/1037

This planning application was passed allowing Sunday use at the newly opened Mosaic School for community use. This was highlighted in a previous blog entry though is highlighted again below;

Application No: 2016/1037 W

  • Decided on: 07/10/2016
  • Date Registered: 08/07/2016 Legal Agreement : N
  • Address: Hartfield House Care Home, 170 Roehampton Lane, SW15 4EU
  • Proposal: Variation of condition 10 pursuant to planning permission ref: 2014/7203 dated 19/03/2015 for the demolition of parts of existing building and erection of two-storey buildings to provide two-form entry primary school, with associated landscaping, hard and soft play areas, habitat areas, bicycle parking and parking and felling of 27 trees, so as to allow the outside playground to be used on 15 Sundays per year between the hours of 0800 and 2100.
  • Conservation area (if applicable): Alton Conservation Area
  • Applicant: Mrs Shirley Lee, 1 Queensmere Road, London, SW19 5QD
  • Agent: HLM Architects, HLM Architects, Greyfriars House, Greyfriars Road, Cardiff, CF10 3AL
  • Decision: Approve with Conditions
  • Decision Taker: Delegated Standard

What was interesting is that the following properties were included with the bottom four being from the Alton Estate. Each of these Alton Estate blocks has 44 properties meaning in all that is 176 properties.

  • Apsley House, Holford Way, London, SW15 5EY
  • Hurstbourne House, Tangley Grove, London, SW15 4EJ
  • Lyndhurst House, Ellisfield Drive, London, SW15 4DR
  • Redenham House, Tangley Grove, London, SW15 4DW
  • Woodcott House, Ellisfield Drive, London, SW15 4DS

Bearing in mind this community use will be on Sundays between the hours of 8am and 9pm, one would have thought there would have been more interest. Instead the Consultations figures were:

Number of letters sent


Site Notice


Press Notice


Number of responses received


Number of objections


Number of comments


Number of letters of support


However, according to item 16 of the decision notice you may be able to provide your views in due course as it states – “16. Prior to the use of the proposed school hall for community purposes, full details of the community use shall be submitted to and approved by the local planning authority. The approved site shall be used in accordance with the approved community strategy. In order to safeguard the amenity of the adjoining residents from noise disturbance in accordance with DMS1”.

If you have any questions about the planning application then click on this sentence for the contact details.

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