Boundary Commission Consultation on Initial Proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries

Another important consultation which ward residents need to be aware of is the “Boundary Commission Consultation on Initial Proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries”.

A email has been sighted which describes what is a happening and how you can support Roehampton and Putney remaining within the same constituency. More details below which were taken from the sighted email.

Boundary Commission Consultation on Initial Proposals for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries

You are probably aware that the Boundary Commission must make recommendations for new Parliamentary constituency boundaries in 2018. Parliament requires that there should be a significant reduction in the number of constituencies in England and that almost every constituency must have an electorate of between 71,031 and 78,507. The London region has been allocated 68 constituencies – a reduction of five from the current number (73). Substantial change is therefore required in London and it has been necessary to propose 38 constituencies that cross London borough boundaries.

For our area, Putney and Roehampton, the Commission is proposing a Wimbledon Common and Putney constituency, which retains all six wards from the existing Putney constituency (i.e. East Putney, Roehampton and Putney Heath, Southfields, Thamesfield, West Hill, and West Putney), and adds two Merton borough wards – Wimbledon Park, and Wimbledon Village from the existing Wimbledon constituency.  (All clearly set out on Boundary Commission website). Thus Wimbledon Common would be contained almost entirely in one constituency. The Commission have proposed that the remaining eight wards from the existing Wimbledon constituency will be included in a Merton and Wimbledon Central constituency, [with four wards from the existing Mitcham and Morden constituency].

The Putney Society have replied to the consultation to say that we strongly support the concept of a parliamentary constituency with Putney and Roehampton at its heart. We consider that the local community has a coherent and distinctive identity, which we feel should continue to be recognised.  We do not believe this will be diluted by the proposed extension of the constituency boundaries.

However, at a recent public hearing, people from Merton and Wimbledon have put up their own arguments against these proposed constituencies. They have instead proposed that Putney be split down the middle (one suggestion heard was for a divide along the Upper Richmond Road and Wimbledon Park Road) by putting West Putney, Roehampton and Putney Heath, and West Hill into a reformed Wimbledon constituency!

Naturally we are very concerned that this idea might gain support. We are writing to urge our members and local people to respond to the consultation as set out overleaf:

(1) Support the proposal for a new Wimbledon Common and Putney constituency:

  • The commons (Wimbledon and Putney Commons, and Putney Heath) are very much part of our community which many of us visit frequently. They should be united at the heart of the new constituency. The commons are managed by Wimbledon and Putney Commons Conservators who impose an annual levy on householders located within ¾ mile of the Commons border and most of whom would reside within the proposed constituency.  Wimbledon Village is an integral part and ancient neighbour of the Commons and would naturally fall into the proposed constituency. Wimbledon Village is not an integral part of Wimbledon below Wimbledon Hill.
  • Southfields and Wimbledon Park area were originally built as one community, and should be united in one constituency. They are currently united by the District Line

(2) Reject any suggestion of splitting off much of Putney (i.e. West Putney, West Hill and Roehampton and Putney Heath) to merge into a new Wimbledon or perhaps a Battersea/Wandsworth constituency.

  • Putney is a place of singular integrity: it is an ancient village community which has been at major crossing of River Thames since at least Saxon times leading up Putney Hill to the commons and beyond.
  • Putney is much too strong a community to be split down the middle from East to West for parliamentary reasons.If Putney were to be split into two (as was suggested by one group from Merton) down the Upper Richmond Road with W Putney, Roehampton and West Hill in the proposed alternative Wimbledon constituency, many important local facilities would then fall into another constituency: Putney Arts Theatre, several Putney churches, shopping arcades, several primary schools (and our only secondary schools, Putney’s sorting office and all of SW15’s three remaining post offices ) that all lie south of the URR.
  • Putney is a place of historical significance (the home of the Putney Debates of 1647)
  • Putney is a place of sporting significance (the home of the University Boat Race) which draws local people from all over Putney
  • People living south of Upper Richmond Road shop locally in Putney, rather than travelling to Wimbledon. They look north too for leisure activities and entertainment.

We are asking you to respond to the Boundary Commission consultation –using some of the points that we have outlined above. 

You can find more information and respond to the consultation on the Commission’s website ( by the DEADLINE: 5 December 2016.

 Alternatively you can post your response to the Boundary Commission for England, 35 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BQ”


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