State of the Medfield Street troughs and fountain


As you may be aware the cattle trough on Norstead Place was recently removed whilst there were plans in place to have it locally listed. This led one resident last Saturday to have a look at the more well known cattle troughs at the intersection of Roehampton Lane and Medfield Street. The following pictures highlight that perhaps there is something not quite right with regards to the maintenance of well respected buildings within the ward and may pose questions regarding maintenance generally across the ward.


The following provides details about the trough and fountain.

Listing Reference LB/153Status
Group Nationally Listed Buildings
Type (Grade) Grade II
Site Address Drinking Fountain, Roehampton Lane, London
Listing Description J C Radford. Dated 1882. Grey and red granite. Doric arcaded kiosk erected by Mrs Lyne Stephens, with cupola and ball finial on stepped plinth flanked by cambered-shape horse troughs north and south. Circular central basin with bronze fountain group by Henry Dasson of putti and fish. Semi-circular basin set into each of 4 sides of kiosk.
Risk Rating  
Group Nationally Listed Buildings
Date Listed 07-04-1983


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