Roe Uni portacabins – suggestions for objections to planning application

Requests have come in from readers asking for suggestions for how to phrase objections to this planning objection. Two suggestions are provided by roeregeneration below, and it is stressed that these are suggestions and you are of course free to choose how you amend the text.

Some examples are provided already by those that have objected as highlighted by the progress screen shot below;



To assist, you can click on each of the below to read the objections.

Suggestion 1

You could write something along the lines of the below;

Dear Planning Team,


Planning application: 2016/5912

Location: Parkstead House, Whitelands College, Holybourne Avenue SW15

I am emailing to object to this planning application for the reasons outlined in planning objections provided by Howitt, Salt, the ARW, the Putney Society and Reigo.

Suggestion 2

You could email the Planning Team using some or all of the objections outlined below;

Dear Planning Team,


Planning application: 2016/5912

Location: Parkstead House, Whitelands College, Holybourne Avenue SW15

I am emailing to object to this planning application for the reasons outlined below;

The portacabins impact the setting of Grade I Parkstead House. The University has circa a dozen listed properties within its remit and yet this has been allowed to occur without permission hence this retrospective planning application. The University should have known better and what message does this send out to large institutions in the area if this is permitted.

These portacabins contributed to contravening the Wandsworth Council Local Plan DMS1, especially sections (c ), (j) and (l).

This represents poor management by the University of understanding how to service its needs. It seems to have focused on building student accommodation at the expense of teaching facilities.

Uncertainty of when the requested three years permission begins. Surely, it can’t be from the date of the planning application decision given this attempt for permission began early this year, if not earlier.

A key part of objections to the University planning applications 2016/1365 (previous portacabin objection), 2016/5377 (resident students not permitted to have parking permits) and 2016/4901 (the University Travel Plan) was that these did not address issues raised regarding the University’s students parking in and around the Alton Estate. This latest planning application completely fails to address this point and in fact acknowledges this absence in this planning application. This shows disregard for the local residents.

There is no mention whatsoever of the noise pollution issue raised by Kimpton House residents at the Roehampton Forum this year and how the University intends to fulfil its promises to mitigate such anti-social behaviour.

The portacabins are too close to Kimpton House and in fact peer over the University’s gate and above the garages referred to in the planning application in an un-neighbourly fashion.

There is no mention whatsoever of how these car parking issues will be co-ordinated with future impacts such as the Alton Estate regeneration, the potential Medfield Street controlled parking zone, and the lifting of the student cap. Without addressing these concerns the existing car parking pressures will likely increase.

Where to send your objections

Email it to:

For more details about how to object click on this sentence.

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