Noisy Roehampton Students

On putneysw15 this week there is an entry titled ‘Noisy Roehampton Students’ and is worth a read. It relates to residents of Queen Mary’s House raising the topic of noisy students. Also, this week a resident of Kimpton House raised this same topic.

The same topic has been raised at least twice at the Roehampton Partnership (1st December 2015, 28th June 2016).

To have a read of the Forum discussion on this topic, or maybe add your own views, then click on this sentence.

 Let’s not forget that Councillor Sue McKinney stated as aim of her campaign to be a Councillor that “My aim is to continue to help build positive relationships between residents of Roehampton and the students” as highlighted by the following campaign material.

20161211c-1 20161211c-2

Let us not forget the connection between the University and Reverend McKinney, which is another avenue to explore, as he mentioned the community linkage at the recent Let’s Talk evening –

Make your views known on the topic and ask your local Council representatives to do more to assist.


Email us at – – and let us know of any concerns/thoughts you may have or add a comment at the end of the blog entry in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section.

For a different view of Roehampton, especially the Alton Estate

Alton Regeneration Watch website –

Alton Regeneration Watch Twitter –

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