Egleton House – regeneration leaseholders and freeholders, this may be of interest?

Those Alton Estate freeholders and leaseholders whom are impacted by the regeneration may find the below of interest. The queries regarding what will the service charges be for the new leaseholder properties be and what the new Council Tax will be are regularly asked, thought definite figures have not yet been defined (as far as we know, and if they have, then please do let us know and we will happily amend share this information).

Service charges

When new apartments on Roehampton Lane, Egleton House – SW15 4LE, were being sold one could be given a sale list and this is picture below. It provides information on service charges. We have no idea whether this will be reflective of what will be the service charges in the new replacement leaseholds to be built, though it might provide you with something to think about. You may wish to ask the Council whether these figures are a proxy for what new service charges will be.

Do note that the Egleton House example also includes Ground rent of £500 in addition to the following service charges;

  • 1 bed = £80 per month = £960 per annum
  • 2 bed = £110 per month = £1,320 per annum
  • 3 bed = £135 per month = £1,620 per annum

Do note that these figures may have changed are as at August 2015.


Council Tax

If you want to find out how much the Council tax is then do the following;

Additional comments

The figures provided above are only offered as something to think about as these apartments are new to the area and may in no way reflect what the new apartment costs will be as part of the regeneration, though this background might assist background might with discussions with the Council.


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